51 COVID-19 cases now linked to outbreak at east lansing bar

Coronavirus cases in Michiagan have been increasing in clusters. On Tuesday a notice went out that 14 people who went to Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub in East Lansing tested positive for COVID-19. By yesterday evening that number had reached 51 positive cases, including 49 individuals who were actually at the bar. The ages range from 16-28 years old. Please click here to read more.

aarp: to guard michigan seniors from coronavirus, avoid nursing homes

A 23 page report written by AARP Michigan and Public Sector Consultants, “Disrupt Disparities 2.0,” looks at ways to protect seniors from COVID-19. One of those is shifting public funds from nursing homes to home-and-community based care services that would offer Michigan’s seniors more independence and help protect them from COVID-19. As of Thursday, Michigan listed about 1 in 3 of the state’s deaths to residents in nursing homes. The report listed several ways for Michigan’s seniors to age-in-place, save on medical costs, and draw $335 million in untapped federal funds. Please click here to read more. 

coronavirus outbreaks tied to migrant farm workers in michigan

COVID-19 outbreaks have been contributed to an increase in cases among migrant workers. Experts are blaming short growing seasons, tenuous income, crowded housing, and mistrust of government. There have been more than 300 new cases in each of the past two days this week. Governor Whitmer has attempted to address the issue with an executive order requiring migrant housing operators to separate worker beds. But the rules are not always followed. Please click here to read more.

new data suggests pregnant women more vulnerable to covid-19

A new CDC study suggests pregnant women may be at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. This study shows that pregnant women were more than five times more likely to be hospitalize than non-pregnant women. Making them also more likely to be admitted to an ICU and placed on a ventilator. The CDC urges people to continue practicing social distancing and wearing PPE. Please click here to read more.

annual jobbie nooner boat party happening today despite pandemic

The Jobbie Nooner boat party is still happening today, despite recent increases in Michigan’s coronavirus cases. The “festival” is not endorsed or formally organized. St. Clair County Sheriff Deputy Steve Campau says, “Our goal — as it has been for years — is to keep people alive.” Officials are calling for social distancing at the event, but they don’t intend to enforce it. It is a purely unsanctioned event, and officials hope people will act responsibly. Please click here to read more.

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