nearly 12,000 michigan workers unemployed since may 1 still await benefits

The state unemployment agency announced yesterday that it intends to clear a backlog of nearly 12,000 Michigan workers who filed for jobless benefits between March 15 and May 1, by July 4. The UIA says Michigan has paid out $14.3 billion in jobless benefits to more than 2.1 million claimants since mid-March. UIA spokesman Jason Moon noted that most of the oldest unresolved claims of nearly 12,000 residents before May 1 are not related to the fraud probe. Many more still need to provide additional identification in order to receive benefits. Please click here to read more.

governor whitmer says michigan won’t move to phase 5 of reopening plan this week

Governor Whitmer has confirmed that due to spikes in cases in other states and a few isolated breakouts in Michigan, we will not move into phase-5 this week. Whitmer was quoted, “My hope was to do it this week, but we’re not going to do it this week. We’re not in a position to do that yet. We’ve got to get more data, because we are concerned. The governor hopes that the state will be able to move into phase-5 by July 4.

Republicans propose $1.3B plan to help michigan k-12 schools reopen

Republicans, who control the Michigan Legislature, proposed a $1.3 billion plan yesterday (6/23) to help k-12 schools reopen during the pandemic. The proposal also says districts should have flexibility to start when they want and to offer remote instruction as an alternative if necessary. Governor Whitmer is pushing Congress for flexibility to use bailout money to fill the holes and for an additional round of funding. Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says, “GOP lawmakers put a proposal on the table now because superintendents and principals need clarity sooner rather than later. Please click here to read more.

You’ll have to register before heading out to public pools in metro detroit

Most Metro Detroit public pools remain closed, however Livonia pools are open. Livonia Mayor Maureen Bronsan says, “Number one, we ask that if you’re not feeling well, we ask that you not come to the pool. If you have sick children, please don’t bring them to the pool.” There is limited capacity at Livonia public pools and Livonia is encouraging families to pre-register online for blocks of time. Pools and pool areas will be cleaned between each time block. Please click here to read more.

michigan hospitals shorted $130K per covid-19 patient in federal aid

U.S. Senator Gary Peters, Michigan Democrat, released a 17-page report which detailed that hospitals in the states hardest hit by the virus in March and April got the least amount of federal support per patient. Michigan is included in that list. States with the fewest cases got the most federal aid per confirmed case of COVID-19. Michigan received almost $130,000 less per patient than the nation average. The report analyzed CARES Act funds and COVID-19 case counts as of April 10. Please click here to read more.

airlines, airports fly blind without federal coordination of covid-19 safety protocols

Neither the TSA or the FAA has yet to implement official COVID-19 safety protocols to guide airports and airlines. Airlines are slowly adding new flights to their schedules as the demand for air travel slowly increases after record-low levels due to the pandemic. Airlines have had to enforce their own guidelines on passengers and staff in the absence of clear guidance from the federal government. Please click here to read more.

michigan reports 221 new covid-19 confirmed cases, 11 additional deaths

Yesterday (6/23) Michigan reported 221 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 11 more deaths. A slight rise from the previous few days. Michigan’s total cases since the start of the outbreak are over 61,000, however as of now there are around 6,000 active cases. Nearly 50,000 of the 61,000 total cases have been confirmed as recoveries. The state has suffered 5,864 deaths in total.

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