Whitmer extends michigan’s state of emergency through july 16

Governor Whitmer extended Michigan’s state of emergency yesterday (6/18 through July 16. Whitmer said in a statement, “The aggressive measures we took at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have worked to flatten the curve, but there is still more to be done to prevent a second wave.” A federal judge also asked the Michigan Supreme Court yesterday to clarify whether Whitmer has the authority to continue issuing or renewing executive orders. Please click here to read more. 

emagine postpones juneteenth FESTIVAL after legal threat, chairman slams whitmer

After making plans to hold a Juneteenth film festival without state permission, Emagine Entertainment announced the festival has been postponed. Emagine Chairman Paul Glantz was planning on giving net proceeds from ticket saltes to the United Negro College Fund. Glantz received a letter from the Department of Attorney General warning that going forward with the festival would bring criminal charges. Paul Glantz was plenty upset and had a lot to say; “The hypocrisy of our Governor’s orders is unfathomable in magnitude. Strip clubs are open, massage parlors are open, and yet there is alleged ‘science and data’ to support the continued closure of movie theaters. It is ok to walk arm and arm with folks in Highland Park for a photo op in violation of our social distancing guidelines, but we allegedly pose a threat to the life and safety of our guests. If there is anything more arbitrary and capricious in governmental behavior, I certainly haven’t experienced it in my lifetime.” Please click here to read more.

as covid-19 cases drop in michigan, doctors urge residents to stay vigilant

Even though case numbers are down in Michigan, and the state is 1 of 3 in the nation that has officially contained the disease, health officials are stressing the need to stay vigilant about social distancing and wearing masks. A new study by medical journal The Lancet found that staying at least three feet apart and general mask use cuts the risk of infection to only 3%. Please click here to read more.

michigan lawmakers pass resolutions against governor whitmer’s nursing home policy

Members of the Michigan Senate and House passed resolutions calling on Whitmer to end her policy where patients who test positive for COVID-19 are in close vicinity with healthy residents at nursing homes and long term care facilities. Republican Senator Pete Lucido wants to pass a bill that ends regional hubs and prevents COVID-19 patients from entering nursing homes. Democratic Senator Curtis Hertel made it clear Whitmer’s policy doesn’t mandate taking these patients. Please click here to read more.

michigan legislators want unemployment offices reopened

A bipartisan group of lawmakers say it’s time to reopen Michigan’s unemployment offices around the state. Nearly 2.2 million residents have been affected by temporary or permanent unemployment, which represents nearly 47% of all workers in the state. Now at least 540,000 claims have been frozen as Michigan launched investigations into identity fraud. Legislator’s offices have been utterly overwhelmed with calls from constituents asking for help on the issue, and lawmakers want UIA offices to open. UIA spokesperson Jason Moon said, “We will ensure that we use staff resources efficiently and effectively to continue to best serve UIA customers.” The UIA is considering the potential of reopening field offices, but no real details could be offered. Please click here to read more.

forget clorox wipes, fireworks are the new hot thing

Fireworks are flying off the shelves right now. CEO of Phantom Fireworks Bruce Zoldan says, “If there’s a virus called ‘inside isolation,’ fireworks appear to be the vaccine. Many Fourth of July holiday shows have been canceled to prevent large gatherings, and it has led to very high sales for individual fireworks. Zoldan says their sales are 200-400% higher fraom last year every day. A lot of stores’ inventory is dwindling, and cannot keep up with such a high demand. Please click here to read more.

detroit mayor walks through process of lowering auto insurance cost

Mayor Duggan see Light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel

An auto insurance reform bill takes effect on July 2, and Detroit Mayor Duggan gave an informational presentation to walk Detroit motorists through their auto insurance bills to help them better understand the new law. Use this link to watch the presentation, and have your auto insurance bill handy.

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