metro detroit movie theater plans to reopen for juneteenth film festival without state ok

Emagine Royal Oak plans to reopen Friday for a Juneteenth-themed film festival, even though Michigan theaters haven’t been given the OK for such a move. Governor Whitmer spokeswoman Tiffany Brown said via email that, as of Monday indoor movie theaters are still closed under an executive order temporarily prohibiting large assemblies and events. Drive-in theaters are however allowed to operate. Paul Glantz, Chairman of Emagine Entertainment said, “this is born out of a desire and belief that the time is right to help our African-American brothers and sisters.” Juneteenth commemorate the end of slavery in the United States.

michigan hits more than 60,000 confirmed coronavirus cases; 2 deaths reported

Michigan officially hit the 60,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive case mark on Monday, but only reported 2 deaths. 74 additional positive cases were also reported yesterday, and this shows a continued downward trend in deaths and positive cases. The state’s fatality rate for known cases is a troubling 9.6%.

how first day of reopening went for michigan hair salons, barbershops, spas

Spas, barbershops, and hair salons were allowed to reopen yesterday and employees had extra work on top of servicing customers. They also had to maintain all the new COVID-19 safety guidelines like wearing PPE and sanitizing areas after each customer, as well as making sure people adhered to social distancing. Many places were quickly booked up.

michigan residents outraged to find unemployment office thought to be open is still closed

Sterling Heights residents saw online that the local Michigan Unemployment Agency office was going to be open. They were frustratingly mistaken however as doors remained locked. Some people drove a long distance to see if they could get answers on why their benefits have been frozen. The sign hung on the door spelled coronovirus [sic] wrong.

the selling of an american rebel: owosso barber markets his renegade story

Karl Manke, who is also a novelist, is selling books and T-shirts after opening his shop in defiance of Michigan’s quarantine order. Five GoFundMe fundraisers have received $88,000. There’s even a coffee mug proclaiming him “America’s Barber.” T-shirts with Manke’s likeness are fetching $42 a shirt. He has made media rounds and stirred up the government by refusing to close his shop. Please click here to read more.

more than 1,900 coronavirus deaths in Michigan nursing homes

Figures have been released by state health officials yesterday and now one-third of all COVID-19 deaths in Michigan have occurred among residents and staff of the state’s 450 nursing homes. 1,947 residents and 20 staffers have died. Michigan has still yet to report how many cases or deaths have been recorded in hundred of other facilities that house seniors or the disabled. Expanded testing is now in place at most long term care facilities. Please click here to read more.

general motors ceo mary barra promises full production by the end of june

In an expansive “fireside chat” with the Automotive Press Association, General Motors CEO Mary Barra said she expects the auto industry to take a big hit but also expects to be a full production by the end of June. Barra was quoted, “We’re at a critical point for our company, the industry and for our country and frankly for our globe. I think 2020 will go down in history as a tragic year because of the human and economy devastation of the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

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