governor whitmer mandates implicit bias training for all michigan health professionals

Yesterday (7/9) Governor Whitmer signed an executive directive requiring implicit bias training for health care professionals to address racial disparities. COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted the African American community and Whitmer believes the numbers corroborating this disparity have a lot to do with uneven health care delivery. Dr. Randolph Rasch from MSU College of Nursing spoke on the subject during yesterday’s press briefing. He said, “it is especially important in how we gather a history, how we do physical exams, how we make decisions about the data and how we use that work with patients to develop the best health care they need.”

governor whitmer threatens stricter laws if michigan residents refuse to ‘mask up’

Yesterday (7/9) Governor Whitmer threatened to impose mask wearing laws due to spiking cases of COVID-19 numbers. Whitmer said, “Over the past week, we have seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases in Michigan, and over the holiday weekend, we saw countless Michiganders gathered in large groups to celebrate Fourth of July without a mask.” Rising case numbers in southern states are also very alarming, and Governor Whitmer warned that what’s happening in states like Florida could also happen here. Please click here to read more.

whitmer: michigan school reopening threatened by rising COVID-19 cases

Yesterday (7/9) Governor Whitmer declared that if recent increases in COVID-19 cases keep going up, students may have to stay home. It has been only nine days since the governor and her Return to Learn council came out with a school reopening plan. Whitmer said on Thursday, “We want to be in a position where we can get our kids back in schools in eight weeks. On the trajectory we’re on…it’s very much in question.” Please click here to read more.

how to avoid breakouts from wearing a mask

Dermatologists are calling it “macne” or mask acne. Some people are reporting skin issues from having to wear face coverings for long periods at a time. This tends to happen when an individual wears the same mask again and again. Recommendations include cleaning masks or using disposable masks and seeing a doctor if skin issues continue.

authorities unsure who would be responsible to enforce potential michigan mask law

A big question after Governor Whitmer’s press briefing yesterday is, who would enforce a potential mask law in Michigan? As of now the governor’s executive orders for masks has been voluntary compliance, and businesses that require it can choose to refuse you service. However with rising COVID-19 cases across the state, Governor Whitmer said she might impose stricter mask laws. Should local police departments have to enforce such an order if it went through, should a state sponsored group be created, should businesses enforce it more? Nobody wants to be the mask police, so please just wear your masks indoors and around other people, and please adhere to social distancing.

michigan reports 446 new covid-19 cases, 9 additional deaths thursday

New case numbers dropped a bit from Wednesday. Thursday (7/9) saw 446 new COVID-19 cases and nine more deaths in Michigan. These numbers still represent a spike in cases, and Governor Whitmer is threatening more restrictions if the state can’t get itself under control. According to the governor, 20% of COVID-19 cases are people between 25-34 years old.

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