why testing is the best way to fight pandemic in nursing facilities

Nearly 69% of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Michigan were individuals aged 70 or older. Such data indicates that the fight against the virus must prioritize the protection of our residents in nursing facilities. The state is currently working on a strategy to establish a universal testing process for all nursing facility residents and staff. As testing and adequate PPE are most likely the best way to combat the spread of COVID-19 inside nursing facilities. Please click here to read more.

whitmer extends freeze on residential evictions for non-payment of rent

Governor Whitmer announced yesterday (6/11) to extend a moratorium on residential evictions for nonpayment of rent. The moratorium was only hours away from expiring. The extended eviction ban will go through June 30. Whitmer says, “These orders will ensure that we can continue to flatten the curve, avoid a second wave of infection, and protect the heroes serving on the front lines of this crisis.” The Michigan Supreme Court is expecting a flood of landlord-tenant cases once they can resume too. Please click here to read more.

sinai-Grace nurses file lawsuit, allege patients died because hospital was short-staffed

Nurse Catherine Gaughan, former clinical coordinator who helped oversee the ER department at Sinai-Grace, says that the hospital was short-staffed and it directly lead to the deaths of individuals suffering from COVID-19. She along with a few other collegues had their jobs terminated, and are now suing for wrongful termination. The individual who apparently leaked disturbing photos of body bags in a sleep lab, after the morgue filled up, had already quit. Please click here to read more.

nhl camps to open july 10 if league, players agree to resume

The National Hockey League and NHL Players’ Association gave the OK on Thursday (6/11) for teams to open training camp on July 10. While the league and union have already approved a 24-team playoff format, they still need to decide on health, testing and safety protocols on top of which cities will host these games. The pandemic has caused massive delays and the league has had to adapt. Exhibition games could proceed as early as July 24, with the playoff games starting a week afterwards. Please click here to read more.

can your blood type inpact how likely you are to catch covid-19?

The verdict is still out on whether individuals with certain blood types are more susceptible to contracting COVID-19 than others, however there have been multiple papers and research is underway on finding out. A research paper in Wuhan and Shenzen China and Columbia University have noted a higher proportion of blood type A patients contracting COVID-19, with a lower proportion of patients with type O blood being COVID-19 positive. Other facilities are looking into this data as well.

west bloomfield woman celebrates 105th birthday after surviving covid-19

West Bloomfield resident Rachel Fox is celebrating her 105th birthday, and on top of that milestone she is also a survivor of COVID-19. Rachel Fox said on surviving COVID-19 and passing the 105 mark, “Thank God for what you have — don’t worry about tomorrow.”

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