The policy of putting COVID-19 patients in nursing homes is still happening, despite calls to Governor Whitmer to change it. There is planned legislation that could force change, and the governor has said she’s willing to listen. Nearly two dozen regional hubs, mostly in Southeast Michigan, were set up by Governor Whitmer that require separation of COVID-19 positive patients from negative patients. However they are still in the same building. Bills are in the works in both the House and Senate to prevent COVID-19 positive patients from being admitted to a nursing home.

GOVERNOR WHITMER extends capacity for disaster relief child care services for essential workers

Governor Whitmer signed an executive order to extend the capacity for disaster relief child care services for essential workers through July 7. The order allows hospitals to operate disaster relief child care centers for their employees. It also will allow schools to be used to host child care centers. Whitmer was quoted on the matter, “The real heroes of this crisis are the medical workers, first responders and other essential workers who are putting their lives on the line for us every day and it’s important to ensure they have child care services available to them.”

U.P., greater traverse city area now in phase-5 of mi safe start plan

Starting today Northern Michiganders can now go to a gym, get a hair cut, or see a movie. Michigan regions 6 & 8 have moved into MI Safe Start Plan’s Phase-5 with loosened restrictions, and new rules. Indoor gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed, and outdoor gatherings can get up to 250. Social distancing must be monitored with indoor facilities, and employees will have to wear face coverings. Outdoor performance and sporting venues are allowed to operate with a limited capacity of up to 500 people. Governor Whitmer warned not to let our guards down.

michigan hospitals reopen to visitors after coronavirus, rules vary

Health systems, doctor’s offices, and clinics have their own policies rules and limitations on how people may visit loved ones at their facilities. Visitors are still not allowed to enter nursing homes or long-term care facilities however. This article includes a list of what various facilities are allowing and not allowing. Please click here to read more.

accuracy of some coronavirus testing called into qustion

Recent studies show tests could be falsely negative between 20-38% of the time. Two recent papers, one from New England Journal of Medicine and the other from Annals of Internal Medicine, are pressing the need to re-examine the accuracy of the nasal swab PCR test used to identify active COVID-19 infections. The nasal swab PCR tests seems to be more inaccurate the closer you are to the initial day of infection after exposure. False negative rates of the tests seem to be at their lowest around day 8, but will then increase the more days you go.

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