How first day of restaurants reopening went in metro detroit

Restaurants across Metro Detroit and the state reopened their doors yesterday with new COVID-19 guidelines. Most restaurants have removed tables to increase social distancing, and guests wore masks before being seated at a table. Tom Teknos, owner of The Hudson Cafe says, “It’s very safe to come. We have all the safety protocols in place, so please come out and join us. We’d love to have you.” Some restaurants are planning on opening their doors soon. Yesterday marked the first day in over two-and-a-half months since restaurants were forced to close their doors for dine-in services.

as michigan reopens is it safe to resume your usual routine?

As more and more of Michigan begins to reopen, people are wondering whether or not it’s OK to begin returning to their usual routines. Univeristy of Michigan’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Preeti Malani says “With all activity, it’s about decreasing risk to the lowest possible risk. We can’t eliminate risks short of staying home and never going outside, and that is not a good option for most of us.” Dr. Malani stressed that it’s important for everyone to look for ways to reengage in less risky ways to go about their day. This includes continued hand washing, discussing plans with family and friends before you meet up, engaging in outdoor activities over indoor gatherings, and shopping when it’s least crowded. Dr. Malani is also an expert on infectious disease and geriatrics.

michigan lawmakers demand whitmer stop placing covid-19 patients in nursing homes with healthy residents

Half a dozen Republican lawmakers gathered across the street from Suburban Collection Showplace to voice their concern for positive COVID-19 patients in nursing homes remaining in the same building as healthy residents. The Suburban Collection Showplace field hospital has been deemed inadequate as a long-term care facility, and also costs the state nearly $40,000 per day. Republicans are pressuring Govenor Whitmer as to why she isn’t abandoning the controversial policy as other states have.

attorney considers legal action over michigan freezing unemployment payments

Michigan attorney Jennifer Lord is looking at the possibility of legal action against the state after unemployment payments to thousands of residents was put on pause to investigate fraudulent claims. Lord notes that the unemployment system has been a mess and a challenge for many residents to get their benefits. Lord says, “It’s time for a do-over. That agency needs to stop talking in constant acronyms, double negatives. These communications need to be clear. There needs to be a whole new round of training.” Nearly 350,000 Michiganders have had their unemployment locked due to apparent scams and identity thieves.

northern michigan braced for covid-19 surge that has yet to happen

Governor Whitmer allowed bars and restaurants to reopen in Northern Michigan on May 22 for the Memorial Day weekend, and only 29 new cases have been reported in those two weeks. Nearly identical numbers for the previous two weeks before that. MSU infectious disease expert, Dr. Peter Gulick says, “It’s good information. It’s promising. It’s very exciting.” Being that it can take up to 14 days for people to show signs of COVID-19 after exposure, these newest numbers offer hope that the state can continue to move forward and reopen safely. Please click here to read more.

michigan reports lowest number of active cases of coronoavirus since early april

Recent numbers show a total of 58,999 positive COVID-19 cases and 5,673 deaths in the state, with 42,041 recoveries. Currently there are thought to be about 11,200 active cases in the state; down from 14,000 last week and over 30,000 since April 24. On Sunday, only four new deaths were reported making it the lowest count in nearly three months.

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