big cuts coming if feds don’t bail out michigan, governor whitmer says

Governor Whitmer warned that Michigan will have to dramatically cut spending and services if the federal government doesn’t send block grants. “We can’t do it on our own. We need a partner in the federal government,” Whitmer said on Thursday. Michigan faces a budget shortfall of $3.2 billion this fiscal year, and $3 billion for next fiscal year. It is not clear what would be cut if the federal government cannot deliver. The HEROES Act sets aside $500 billion for state governments, and was passed by the U.S. House. The bill is still awaiting consideration in the Senate.

owosso barber still open, appealing to michigan supreme court

Karl Manke, rebel barber from Owosso, received a preliminary injunction to immediately cease all operations at this barbershop. Manke however is still keeping his business open, and will appeal his case to the Michigan Supreme Court. Manke was quoted “We’re in a fifth round a 10-round prize fight. I am still standing up. I have no intention of standing down.” Click here to read more about the unfolding legal battle.

don’t expect to touch the produce at metro Detroit farmers markets

As farmers markets begin to open around our area they face a slew of various challenges. The Birmingham Farmers Market tried a new practice of having customers drive-thru the market, where they enter the market at the south driveway and stop at whatever vendors they choose. Markets are seeing fewer vendors, and customers are not supposed to touch the produce. The Farmington Farmers Market reported that it had to shrink its market by 70% in keeping with state restrictions. Please click here to read more about farmers markets in metro Detroit.

‘The timing is not right’ – Birmingham officials urge visitors not to attend dream cruise

While the Woodward Dream Cruise is still planning on going ahead for 2020, Birmingham officials do not want events linked to it and are trying to get the message to visitors not to make hotel reservations for it. Birmingham city manager, Joe Valentine says, “The timing right now is not right for this. We are trying to avoid people coming in from out of town, the state and the world that are attracted by promoting. We advise them now is not the time to come to Birmingham and Woodward Corridor.” Birmingham has also canceled its fair after 70 years, movie nights, and concerts in the park. The Woodward Dream Cruise typically draws a crowd of nearly 1.5 million people.

antonino salon in birmingham unveils reopening plan amid covid-19 pandemic

Anthony Marsalese, the owner of Antonino, is redesigning his entire salon. The include cutting down stylists from 19 to 9 at a time with staggered shifts and extended hours. Instead of waiting in line you’ll receive a text and have your temperature taken before being led to your chair. The salon will be disinfected every day with powerful air filters and fogging the area with a virus killing agent. Anthony says, “To make it really safe and stop the spread of the virus you have to take it to the next level and that has been very expensive.”

if sports return in 2020, what will they look like in michigan?

The coronavirus has impacted the sports world in numerous ways. As practices and games ended, the biggest question is when will it be safe to return to play again. There aren’t a lot of answers yet, but there is a lot of talk. The NHL announced a plan to return with a 24-team playoff held in 2 to-be-determined bug cities. The NBA held a virtual draft. The Big-Ten suspended team activities until June 1, however they could have a plan in place by June 7. The Detroit Lions are anticipating to have a full season. The MHSAA is still planning on operating sports under their normal fall sports calendar. Whether or not crowds or restrictions on crowds will be allowed at sporting events is till however very unclear.

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 8,281 cases in the county, and 971 deaths.

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