president trump to visit ford plant in ypsilanti today

President Trump plans on visiting Ford Motor Company’s Rawsonville manufacturing plant in Ypsilanti. The president is expected to thank plant workers for making ventilators during the pandemic, as well as thank other businesses that have produced PPE and medical equipment. Trump last visited Michigan on January 30, when he spoke at the Dana Inc. plant in Warren. The president may also tour the unfolding flooding disaster zones currently in mid-Michigan.

oakland county cafe reopening despite governor’s order amid pandemic

Huron Valley Guns of New Hudson is an entire complex that includes a cafe, a barber shop, a shooting range, and of course a gun store. The owner, Ed Swadish, believes COVID-19 has been politically weaponized and posted his opinion on the store’s Facebook page; “We will not obey illegal orders. We went along with the flattening the curve concept but never agreed to closing until the virus is eradicated. The virus is real and sadly many lives have been lost. However, when all the states that are still on lock down are Democratic I have to assume there are politically charged motivations. I’m not losing my business for that.”

Governor whitmer considers major change to covid-19 nursing home policy

Governor Whitmer’s order to “separate” but keep COVID-19 positive seniors inside nursing homes with patients who have tested negative expired last night. The order was highly contested under legislative scrutiny, however Whitmer has signaled she’s considering a major change to that policy. A meeting will be held next week with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, as the Senate oversight committee is anxious to see what the governor does with a new nursing home order.

new studies show how covid-19 affects heart, lungs, taste

New studies and research on how the coronavirus impacts the body are being conducted across the world. Some of this research suggest that COVID-19 can have severe damage on the heart as well. Patients who show an enlargement of one of the heart’s four chambers are less likely to recover. Specifically those with an enlarged right ventricle of the heart were most likely to die from the disease. The cause may be from obstructed blood flow to the lungs due to tissue damage or clotting. Other more stranger symptoms reported from COVID-19 include a sudden loss of taste or smell. This symptom isn’t being reported with patients who are asymptomatic or who have mild symptoms, and most patients regain their sense of smell and taste as they recover.

grocery employees say they work in fear, want hazard pay to continue

The United Food and Commercial Workers is pushing for union and nonunion supermarket companies to continue hazard pay for their workers. UFCW International President Marc Perrone said, “it is simply not right that we are asking America’s grocery workers to work and protect our food supply and then take a pay cut.” Perrone has noted that the UFCW is hearing troubling reports from workers who do not have PPE, have to purchase their own sanitizing wipes, and are reusing their masks; not to mention also having to act as a public health officer or security guard for customers who refuse to distance themselves or wear their own PPE.

ford shuts down dearborn truck plant after worker tests positive for coronavirus

The Ford Motor Company shut down its Dearborn Truck Plant yesterday afternoon after they learned a worker tested positive for COVID-19. This marks the second Ford plant shutdown in two days due to UAW employees testing positive. Ford global manufacturing and communications manager, Kelli Felker said that “the safety of our workforce is our top priority.” Manufacturing teams at Ford were alerted via text of the COVID-19 positive UAW worker, and were ordered to end the current work shift early and send all employees home.

michigan governor requests federal disaster declaration to aid midland county flood response

On top of the ravages of COVID-19 upon the state of Michigan, the unprecedented and massive flooding of Midland County has led Governor Whitmer to formally request a federal disaster declaration in order to open aid in assisting with the flooding response. Whitmer has already declared a State of Emergency in Midland County, and is asking President Trump to declare an emergency for Midland County on an expedited basis. President Trump will be visiting a Ford plant in Ypsilanti today , and may also tour the flood zone.

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 8,117 cases in the county, and 935 deaths.

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