Governor whitmer extends order prohibiting evictions during covid-19 pandemic

Goveror Whitmer extended the order that suspends evictions on Thursday (4/14). The extension is in effect until June 11. This order both relieves statutory restrictions in order to suspend eviction-related court proceedings, as well as protects tenants from being evicted. Governor Whitmer was quoted saying, “It’s critical Michiganders can self-quarantine and continue staying safer at home without fear of being evicted.”

PROTESTERS rally in the rain

A smaller group of protesters rallied at Lansing yesterday (5/15) to protest Governor Whitmer’s stay-at-home order and her use of emergency powers. The rain and lack of Legislature being in session may have been the cause for smaller numbers. While nobody was arrested, and a few protesters were armed, an ax hidden in a trashcan carried by one man was confiscated. Whitmer said this about the protests on Thursday, “I don’t think it sounds as though nothing got too terribly out of control, and that’s a good thing.” The organizers behind the protest, Michigan United for Liberty, also filed a lawsuit against Whitmer seeking to remove her stay-at-home order.

Sterling Heights officials reveal plan for reopening city during covid-19 pandemic

Sterling Heights has rolled out a multi-phase plan on what reopening is going to look like once Governor Whitmer gives the go-ahead for the area to reopen during the pandemic. Keeping building density low is one of the most important aspects of the plan. City buildings will have an official at designated entryways to check employees. Some workers will alternate days at work vs home. If a Sterling Heights resident needs to visit a city building like the treasurers office, there will be someone on hand but the’ll be behind a Plexiglas partition. If lines in waiting areas become too long, residents will be given an electronic pager that informs them of their place in line from the safety of their car.

beware of covid-19 scams

Many scams have been reported trying to dupe you during the pandemic. From fake financial institutions attempting to get your information by saying no stimulus money has arrived, get your stimulus money quick scams, fraudulent e-commerce sites, to online account takeovers. There have been reports of phony websites selling PPE that takes your money but never delivers. There’s even been an uptick in quarantine puppy scams due to people thinking that this is a good time to get a new puppy.

auto workers’ tenuous return a ray of hope in jobs crisis

Tens of thousands of auto workers will be returning to their plants, which were shut down in March due to the spreading coronavirus. The return of the auto industry will be the first major sector of the nation’s  economy to open back up. Parts-making companies start going back to work this week, which adds thousands of workers and gets components flowing. Over 130,000 auto-workers are expected to begin working again next week; marking just over half of the auto industry’s workforce before the pandemic.

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 7,952 cases in the county, and 888 deaths.

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