governor whitmer extends executive orders enabling remote transactions, easing fuel tax requirements

The state of Michigan will continue to temporarily allow e-signatures on official documents and remote notarization to avoid unnecessary in-person contact. And the state will continue to temporarily suspend licensing, decal and trip permit requirements used by the Department of Treasury to collect taxes owed by motor carriers.

michigan attorney general confirms whitmer’s executive orders are enforceable

Attorney General Dana Nessel has taken a close look at the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945, and says Whitmer’s orders are valid and enforceable. House GOP members voted to give the speaker authority to sue the governor if she extended Michigan’s state of emergency without approval from the Legislature. This has apparently caused some confusion with law enforcement agencies in the state, and AG Dana Nessel is asking law enforcement agencies to continue with enforcement efforts.

violating michigan social distancing orders? big brother may be watching

Drones have been reported hovering over golf courses and playgrounds to watch for large groups in Bloomfield Township. Police have been monitoring security cameras outside convenience stores for crowds. Will some view this an an uncomfortable new aspect of a new normal? Sure. However, until there is a reliable vaccine, technology is expected to play a crucial role in tracking and combating COVID-19. Click here to read the full article, and form your own opinion.

oakland county task force established to reduce social isolation among senior residents

Oakland County Board of Commissioners have created a Social Connectedness Task Force in an attempt to reduce loneliness and isolation among senior residents throughout the county. The task force includes three commissioners and community experts to recommend solutions. These could include improving access to mental health care, wellness visits, and smartphone training.

henry ford health has discharged 1,833 covid-19 patients in last 60 days

With less than 300 COVID-19 patients still admitted throughout Henry Ford Health Hospitals, Henry Ford Health System has announced over 1,800 patients have been discharged who had the novel coronavirus. These totals are the lowest so far. The average stay for a patient with COVID-19 at a Henry Ford Hospital is 8.6 days.

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 7,522 cases in the county, and 772 deaths. This makes only 23 new confirmed cases, and 10 more deaths throughout Oakland County in the last 24+ hours.

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