Oakland county funds manufacturers to switch production to medical equipment, ppe

Six manufacturers will share nearly $350,000 from a fund approved by Oakland County Board of Commissioners. These manufacturers include Oxus America, Connexion, PolyFlex Products, SignaRama, Acme Mills, and RPB Safety.  Oakland County Executive David Coulter said, “there continues to be a desperate need for protective equipment and related items because of the pandemic.”

new decontamination device ready to sterilize n95 masks for reuse in michigan

A decontamination device was sent to the TCF Center that can decontaminate N95 masks, making them reusable up to 20 times each. Hospitals and medical centers in the Southeast area can now send their N95 masks to the TCF Center to have them decontaminated. The devices were obtained by the federal government from Battelle Labs in Ohio, and they use concentrated vapor phase hydrogen peroxide in their decontamination process.

oakland county man builds drive-in theater to safely hang out with friends amid outbreak

Troy resident David Tracy, spent only around $100 on setting up a backyard movie theater to hang out with friends and neighbors while adhering with safe social distance practices. Tracy purchased a projector and FM transmitter online, and is using a bed-sheet for a screen. Since no money is being handled it’s essentially just friends watching a movie, but from the outside.

gop lawmakers say they have another weapon in fight with governor whitmer: money

GOP Lansing lawmakers believe they have a new weapon in attempts to garner a greater role in decision-making. That weapon being more control of the state’s purse strings. Lawmakers held back $50 million from a $150 million March supplemental appropriation bill designed to fight COVID-19. Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Representative Shane Hernandez of Port Huron says, “the Legislature is frustrated and wants a bigger voice in this entire process.” While Governor Whitmer believes she is taking actions based on science and medical information, GOP lawmakers believe she is killing the economy by easing restrictions too slowly.

federal government allocates $11 million to michigan public housing amid coronavirus pandemic

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is spreading out $685 million in relief funds to Public Housing Authorities across the country. Of which, Michigan Public Housing Authorities are receiving $11 million in funding. These funds can be used to purchase PPE for staff as well as cover testing and travel costs.

few coronavirus cases, lots of land. should northern michigan reopen?

Areas north of Bay City Michigan include almost half of the state’s counties, over half of the state’s land mass, but only 9.2% of the state’s population and less than 2% of the state’s COVID-19 cases and deaths. Strict restrictions from Governor Whitmer have left many in these areas frustrated. The governor however is also loosening restrictions as the weeks go on, and Whitmer cautions that, although northern Michigan has fewer confirmed cases, it also has far fewer hospital beds should a surge strike.

michigan voter information center

Civic Center TV & 89.3 Lakes FM wants you to visit the Michigan Voter Information website. Michiganders can go to this site to find out if they are registered to vote, what their precinct is, and how to contact their local clerk’s office. We also want to remind you to fill out the 2020 census if you haven’t already!

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 7,475 cases in the county, and 745 deaths.

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