west bloomfield hazardous waste collection event cancelled

Due to the coronavirus and subsequent stay-at-home order, West Bloomfield Township feels it is in the best interest of their residents to cancel the Spring Household Hazardous Waste Event that was scheduled for May 2, 2020. The fall event will be held on September 26, 2020.

state of emergency gets extended amid Power struggle between legislature and governor whitmer

Governor Whitmer extended Michigan’s State of Emergency through May 28 without a vote from the Legislature. It was hoped that the Republican-led Legislature would be able to work with the Governor to extend the state of emergency, which was set to expire by midnight May 1st. Republicans wanted to negotiate reopening the state quicker as the economy continues to suffer. Governor Whitmer’s position is that she is trying to save lives and will only reopen sections of Michigan based on the data at hand, and not through floor negotiations.

Protestors return to michigan capitol; armed individuals enter statehouse

Hundreds of protesters and demonstrators showed up in Lansing to rail against Governor Whitmer extending Michigan’s State of Emergency, and to push for businesses to open immediately. It is technically legal to open-carry firearms inside the capitol building, and some of the demonstrators entered with assault rifles slung over their backs under the watchful eyes of State Police, and only after getting their temperatures taken.

Extending Michigan’s state of emergency is not the same thing as extending the stay-at-home order

Michigan’s State of Emergency and stay-at-home order were both supposed to end by midnight May 1, but they are not the same thing. Our State of Emergency was extended through May 28. And Governor Whitmer’s stay-at-home order was extended through May 15. The extension of Michigan’s State of Emergency does not extend Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

oakland county approves $12 million for small businesses during pandemic

Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved $12 million to be allocated for small businesses after an initial $3 million grant was quickly exhausted. 800 small businesses were awarded grants last week, however small businesses across the county set their needs at nearly $80 million.

oakland county extends local state of emergency until may 15

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners extended the local state of emergency yesterday (4/30). The original declaration was made on March 13 when there were only three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county. There are now over 7,200 cases. Chairman David Woodward said, “The extension of the emergency streamlines procurement processes to get the testing, supplies, and other essentials to get through this pandemic.”

oakland county to test 15k residents of senior facilities

Oakland County is planning to test nearly 15,000 senior living residents for COVID-19. Half of the deaths throughout Oakland County have been linked to senior living facilities. Nearly 20% of over 7,200 positive cases in the county have been linked to residents and staff at senior living facilities. The necessary scope of required testing and lack of data has been a problem statewide.

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 7,267 cases in the county, and 696 deaths.

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