governor whitmer and legislature debate 28-day extension of state of emergency

Governor Whitmer says emergency powers don’t need a vote of the legislature, however she is asking that state senate and congress to approve the 28-day extension. There is no consensus as of yet, but both Whitmer and Republican leadership say talks are ongoing.

Republican leaders want state reopening plans to move quicker before extending state of emergency

As part of the ongoing discussion between the state Legislature and Governor Whitmer on extending Michigan’s state of emergency, Republican leaders want the plans for reopening the state to move quicker. The State of Emergency will end tomorrow (4/30), and Republicans are threatening not to grant the governor’s request to extend it for 28 more days. Republicans want indoor and outdoor construction to resume, among other things. Governor Whitmer anticipates another executive order will be coming in the next few days or week.

landscapers, greeneries getting back in business

Goldner Walsh Garden & Home in Pontiac opened up to a packed crowd, after Governor Whitmer loosened restrictions on landscapers and garden stores. There are new protocols when entering stores, like practicing safe social distancing and wearing PPE, however flower deliveries are being made again and many people who’ve been stuck at their homes are eager to do something outside, like tending to their lawns and gardens.

Can mosquitoes spread coronavirus?

A concern from the general public has been growing as it gets warmer outside; can you get COVID-19 from a mosquito bite? Dr. Ned Walker, MSU professor of microbiology and entomology, says “mosquitoes do not carry coronavirus.” Walker compared COVID-19 transmissions to other coronaviruses, SARS and MERS, which are not carried by mosquitoes either.

FDA Urges manufacturers producing hand sanitizer to make it taste bad

Distilleries and breweries across the state have been producing hand sanitizer in the wake of COVID-19. The FDA is now urging these businesses to make sure the hand sanitizer tastes bad with denatured alcohol. The goal is to keep children from ingesting it. Denatured alcohol makes hand sanitizer taste bitter and less appealing.

medicare applications raise anxiety for seniors in pandemic

Seniors are at greater risk from COVID-19, and are also facing delays obtaining Medicare coverage. Social Security offices handle eligibility determinations for Medicare, and those offices have been shut down due to the pandemic. While you can handle most issues online or over the phone, many Seniors require more personal attention. This is delaying many seniors from being tested for the novel coronavirus who need Medicare coverage first. The risk is that some seniors will fall into a “coverage gap” or even end up owing penalties.

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 7,012 cases in the county, and 654 deaths. Over 8,300 people throughout the state of Michigan have also recovered.

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