congress set to pass $483 billion virus aid

Congress is racing to get the latest coronavirus aid package approved. The deal is backed by the White House, was approved by the Senate on Tuesday, and will be voted on by the House this Thursday. The majority of the funding for the bill would go to the small businesses payroll loan program, which has already run out of money. The rest of the bill’s funds are planned on going to the health care industry, increased testing, and small business loans/grants.

flagstar bank, oakland county donate $300,000 to local manufacturer

Flagstar bank announced yesterday (4/21) they will be donating $300,000 to “Detroit Sewn,” a Pontiac manufacturer, to help them produce cloth masks for health care workers. The company is expected to produce 85,000 cloth masks for first responders and front line workers. The masks will be washable and reusable.

calls to poison control have risen amid covid-19 outbreak

There have been increased reports and call-ins to poison control centers as people attempt to disinfect their homes. The CDC urges people not to mix chemicals or products, and to wear protective gear when cleaning your homes. The majority of calls to poison centers have been due to child exposure, so keep your children away from cleaning chemicals and keep your area well ventilated when using cleaning products.

michigan sees 5th consecutive day with less than 1000 new cases

The last time the state had more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases was on April 16. Tuesday (4/21) reported 967 new cases, as spreading appears to be plateauing for now. Oakland County reported a total of 6,306 new cases and 506 deaths related to coronavirus. You can click here to see the most updated case counts by zip code in Oakland County.

cdc resets timeline for earliest covid-19 deaths

It appears that two individuals died from coronavirus complications in California weeks before initial report. The first death reported from COVID-19 began on February 29 in Washington State. This however has now been changed as California medical examiners sent tissue samples to the CDC which confirmed positive coronavirus test results from two individuals who passed away on February 6 and 17 in Santa Clara.

birmingham food workers keep children fed during covid-19 crisis

Birmingham Schools Food Service Director, Pattie Guck, and a team of volunteers has been making up to 1,000 meals per day to feed people from any community. Usually Pattie’s team makes meals for children in the district, but they’ve expanded their reach and are fighting every day to help keep children fed from across Oakland County.

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