Governor WHitmer defends stay-at-home order

In a general message of solidarity, the governor continued to push forward a message of doing our part and sticking together in the fight against COVID-19.

Monday’s press conference began on a somber tone, as Whitmer gave her condolences for 5 year old Skyler Herbert who sadly passed away from complications due to the novel coronavirus. Skyler is the youngest victim in Michigan to succumb to the virus.

Whitmer addressed recent protests to the stay-at-home order and reminded Michiganders that this is a “limited action for a limited amount of time.” The governor pledged to take a 10% pay-cut, and asked that her staff take a 5% cut in pay until this crisis is adverted.

The governor pressed the issue that we must avoid a repeated “stay-at-home” event by remaining vigilant and doing out part. According to google analytics, there’s been a 34% decrease in individual mobility placing Michigan 9th in the nation for adhering to a stay-at-home posture. Michigan hospitals have reported a 15% reduction in admitted coronavirus patients over the last 10 days. It appears, with cautious optimism, that Michigan coronavirus cases may be plateauing. .

Other updates include an influx of PPE from local manufacturers and the federal government, as well as 100 delivered ventilators from Governor Cuomo. Testing and virus tracing is being expanded. Walmart, Walgreens CVS, and Rite-Aide are teaming up with the state of Michigan to develop more testing sites. Twelve small businesses have been awarded grant money to help them re-tool and produce COVID-19 testing equipment, and more PPE for health care workers and first responders. The governor also announced an executive order to form the Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities to study and help combat the reasons for a disproportionate number of African American Michiganders affected by the virus.

beaumont health laying off 2,475 employees and eliminating 450 positions

Beaumont Health lost over $270 million in the first quarter and will temporarily lay off over 2,400 employees as well as cutting executive pay and eliminating 450 positions. CEO John Fox will take a 70% pay cut, and other executives will take a 45% cut. The layoffs include staff who are not directly caring for coronavirus patients.

michigan’s stay-at-home order expires in 10 days — what happens next?

Governor Whitmer has yet to reveal plans for the end of the April 30 stay-at-home order, and negotiations with the Michigan legislature are on-going. The Republican legislature has shared two different plans they call “Open Michigan Safely.”

oakland county coronavirus cases by zip-code

Visit the Oakland County website to view updated numbers on how your area has been affected by COVID-19. You can search the interactive map by clicking on your location, or typing in your zip code. Recent data shows a total of 6,109 cases in the county, 1,113 recoveries, and 466 deaths.

school districts can’t mandate participation in distance learning; oakland county officials strongly ENCOURAGE it

K-12 students will not be penalized if they are unable to participate with their schools’ virtual learning programs during the outbreak. However, it is strongly encouraged that students do participate in these alternative learning plans. The drastic move has left some parents and students confused, while others remain enthusiastic. All statewide school districts are required to hand in a distance learning plan by April 28.

blue cross blue shield to help seniors during pandemic

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is expanding meal delivery programs, and increasing access to grocery store delivery while providing resources to Medicare Advantage members. Care packages with thermometers, reusable face coverings, and telemedicine information are planned to be delivered to over 700,000 seniors across the state.

how to apply for food, cash assistance, other benefit programs in michigan

Michigan offers several programs to help residents in a time of need. These programs include Food Assistance Program, Child Development & Care, Cash Assistance, Healthcare Coverage, and State Emergency Relief. You can visit MIBridge to learn more about these programs, and apply today!

beaumont health has discharged 2,076 patients since mid-march

Over 2,000 COVID-19 patients have been discharged since mid-March, Beaumont has also taken over 150 patients off of ventilators. Currently Beaumont Hospitals are caring for 747 positive coronavirus patients across all of their hospitals. This is a sign of improvement. State officials reported over 3,200 people have recovered from COVID-19. It appears the majority of those people may have recovered under Beaumont care.

farmington hills firm designs app to track potential covid-19 hot spots

Kyyba Innovations has announced a new app, “weTrace,” to help municipalities identify micro hot spots of the novel coronavirus. Data from the app can also be merged with information from call-in hotlines and online dashboards run by local counties. The tech company plans on partnering with health units to asses the data so they can support high-risk areas across Michigan.

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