are coronavirus cases peaking in michigan?

Cautious optimism is in the air for Michiganders. We saw rapid spikes at the end of March and beginning of April, however now the numbers seem to be plateauing at a slow rate. Oakland County saw the highest reported cases on April 6, and the most deaths reported in one day on April 10. Hospital admission have also slightly declined. Conversations will now begin to shift towards how best to reopen the economy in the next days and weeks.

q&a michigan unemployment agency

More than 1 million Michiganders have applied for benefits through the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency because of COVID-19. And while most technical issues have been reported as fixed, there is still an extremely high demand. You can read the full Q&A document here as well.

Michigan covid-19 cases, deaths, and recoveries

The good news is that Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the number of cases is starting to plateau, and she is considering rolling back some restrictions placed by the stay-at-home order. As of the middle of this weekend the state has posted 31,424 positive cases, 2,391 deaths, and over 3,200 recoveries.

covid-19 patients often need dialysis machines along with ventilators

Medical reports are showing an increase in kidney damage from people suffering with COVID-19. According to WaPo about half of the people hospitalized with coronavirus are showing protein in their urine, indicating damage to their kidneys. Incidentally about 30% of Beaumont’s COVD-19 patients that end up on ventilators, also end up receiving dialysis treatment. Beaumont Hospital has fortunately seen a 300 patient drop in COVID-19 cases since early April.

st. joseph mercy oakland hospital offering 24/7 covid-19 screening in pontiac

Testing has become the hot issue across the nation in regards to COVID-19 and getting accurate metrics that will help local, state, and federal officials plan on how to safely re-open our communities. St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital is operating a 24/7 ’round the clock testing in Pontiac. No appointment or doctor’s notes are necessary, however people must still meet CDC state testing requirements.

oakland county using majority of coronavirus response dollars to help local hospitals

Oakland County Board of Commissioners has approved over $16 million for the county to use in fighting COVID-19. Around 90% of those funds are being set aside for PPE for first responders and area hospitals. Funds and programs have been setup to help for feed the needy, housing for out-of-state healthcare workers and responders, as well as COVID-19 public information campaigns.

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