Stocks set to rally on hope for new cornavirus treatment

A Chicago hospital has shown some promise in treating COVID-19 patients with remdesivir on a trial basis. Gilead Sciences shares jumped over 13% in response to this announcement. CNBC’s Jim Cramer says, “the drug could give the economy a fighting chance.”

White house unveils 3-phase plan to “open up america again”

Visit this official White House website to view President Trump’s 3-phase plan to “Open Up America Again.”

Michigan senators answer questions about coronavirus response during town hall

WJBK, WXYZ, and Local 4 hosted a statewide televised town hall with senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow concerning the federal response to COVID-19. The senators covered the need for continued testing, and pushing for a next round of stimulus funds for hospitals, food supplies, and small businesses. You can click here to watch the full town hall.

governor whitmer teams up with midwest governors to partner on plan to reopen regional economy

Governors JB Pritzker of Illinois, Eric Holcomb of Indiana, Andy Beshear of Kentucky, Tony Evers of Wisconsin, Tim Walz of Minnesota, Mike DeWine of Ohio, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan are teaming up to develop a plan to reopen their state economies. There are four main factors they are looking at: Sustained control of the rate of new infections and hospitalizations; Enhanced ability to test and trace; sufficient health care capacity to handle resurgence; and best practices for social distancing in the workplace. Coordination between these states is key, as it is not expected that everything will open all at once.

michigan senate republicans unveil plan for reopening economy

Republican State Senators are backing a 5-phase plan to reopen businesses across the state. The first phase begins with changing Governor Whitmer’s stay-at-home order. New legislation was also announced to limit Governor Whitmer’s emergency authority. You can read that separate article here. The extension of Governor Whitmer’s order resulted in some push-back and protests at the capital building.

detroit civil rights, inclusion & opportunity department hosted virtual town hall

Senator Stabenow and Peters weren’t the only ones to hold a town hall last night (4/16). The Detroit Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity Department hosted a virtual town hall to help inform MI residents about how COVID-19 is affecting the African American community at a higher rate.

Over 29,000 cases and over 2,000 deaths reported for state of michigan

These are the state-wide numbers reported as of 3 p.m., April 16. Thursday had 1,204 new coronavirus cases reported, and 172 more deaths from COVID-19. This brings the total to 29,263 cases and 2,093 deaths. The numbers continue to climb, as we watch and hope for the spreading to slow. Oakland County leads all Michigan counties in total reported cases at 5,778. As of now, 7% of Michigan residents who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 have passed away.

Southeast michigan entertainment update

For those of you looking for some entertainment while you’re stuck at home, check out this list of concerts, activities, and virtual tours you can access that are coming up. Adapting and adhering to Michigan’s stay-at-home order doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.

troy police respond to calls about stay-at-home violations

While you aren’t supposed to dial 911 if you see somebody violating the stay-at-home order, there’s no rule against calling in non-emergency stay-at-home violations. The Troy police department has had a few of these calls. From teens dancing in the rain of their high school parking lot, to a man driving around neighborhoods screaming out his window that he has COVID-19. There are a few more as well, you can read them here.

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