drive-in black lives matter protest held in west bloomfield

A Drive-in For Justice event was held yesterday near the West Bloomfield High School parking lot where attendees were able to hear speeches and be a part of the demonstration via while remaining in their own cars. Michigan has seen a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, and last night’s event in West Bloomfield was able to adhere to social distancing. Civic Center TV and 89.3 Lakes FM covered the event live.

Governor whitmer introduces ‘mi safe schools return to school roadmap’

During a live press briefing yesterday (6/30) Governor Whitmer announced her plan to help schools across the state return to in-person learning this fall. The new plan is a 63 page document that outlines COVID-19 safety protocols for each phase of Whitmer’s reopening plan. Whitmer said, “Our students, parents and educators have made incredible sacrifices during our battle with COVID-19. Thanks to our aggressive action against this virus, the teachers who have found creative ways to reach their students, and the heroes on the front lines, I am optimistic that we will return to in-person learning in the fall.” Please click here to read more.

oakland county funds rent, mortgage and utility relief program for residents affected by covid-19 pandemic

Oakland County residents who have fallen behind ontheir rent, mortgage or utility payments because of a lost job or other income reduction due to COVID-19 may now be eligible for a one-time grand of up to $15,000. County Executive David Coulter said, “This pandemic has been devastating to our economy, our businesses and so many of our residents. This program will give some residents who have lost jobs or had their income severely reduced a chance to get back on their feet without having the added pressure of figuring out how to stay in their house, apartment or having their utilities shut off and still managing to keep their families – and themselves – safe.” You can find applications for this program right here. The program draws funds from the CARES Act and from federal community development block grants. Please click here to read more.

health officials say potentially hundreds may have been exposed to covid-19 at fifth avenue in royal oak

Oakland County health officials are urging anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to get tested. Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail, who is dealing with the Harper’s Brew Pub outbreak has some advice for Fifth Avenue; “The restaurant itself. Close. Deep Clean, re-educate staff. Enforce mask-wearing of staff. I see a lot of very lax enforcement of mask wearing.” Oakland County Medical Director Dr. Russel Faust says the health department is “pretty comfortable” that Fifth Avenue is the site of exposure. The Co-Owner Tony Tezbick says his establishment will remain open and doesn’t believe the confidence level is real high for the Oakland County Health Department naming Fifth Avenue as the site of exposure.

michigan’s auto insurance law changes today — are you ready?

Starting today, Michigan drivers should have the choice to cut auto insurance costs. Auto insurance rates in Michigan are exceptionally higher than most of the rest of the nation. Plenty of town halls are scheduled to help Michigan drivers understand the changes and new options. Please click here to read more.

michigan eases visitor restrictions on nursing homes, long-term care, juvenile facilities

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon signed two epidemic orders that provide for expanded visitations at group facilities while also requiring precautions that protect public health. You will have to be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms, wear face coverings, and maintain social distancing. The MDHHS is recommending outdoor visitation whenever possible. Please click here to read more.

whitmer won’t move lower michigan into phase-5, weighs moving back some regions

Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are already in Phase-5, however Governor Whitmer announced yesterday (6/30) that she will not be moving lower Michigan into Phase-5 before July 4. Whitmer is quoted, “A lot of states in the country are watching cases grow exponentially and worrying that their ICUs are filling up. We are not in that position, but our numbers are not as strong as they were a couple of weeks ago.” Lansing and Grand Rapids regions are currently seeing spikes of over 20 new positive cases per 1 million people. Nearly 23% of new cases in Michigan are occurring among people aged 20-29. Please click here to read more.

michigan reports 236 new covid-19 confirmed cases, 4 additional deaths

Yesterday (6/30) Michigan reported 273 new COVID-19 confirmed cases with 32 additional deaths. The total number of cases for Michigan is 63,870 and 5,947 deaths. More reports of exposure to COVID-19 have been coming out, testing is being increased, and numbers are rising again. Governor Whitmer is concerned about the rise in cases and may have to take a few steps back.

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