Governor and lawmakers announce plan to balance state’s 2020 budget

The Republican-controlled Legislature and Governor Whitmer reached an agreement yesterday (6/29) to balance the state budget after a sharp drop in state revenues due to the pandemic. Whitmer said in a joint statement with House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, “COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our state budget. In a time of crisis it is our responsibility to come together and build a budget that reflects a bipartisan commitment to the things we value most as Michiganders. This agreement provides crucial funding for Michigan families, schools and communities grappling with costs incurred as a result of the virus.” Please click here to read more.

after 100-plus covid-19 cases, michigan bar owner urges more testing

By yesterday (6/29) evening the total number of cases traced to Harpers reached 107 residents of 13 Michigan counties. The Mayor of New York is now citing the outbreak from Harper’s bar in East Lansing as an example of why he’s delaying opening restaurant dining rooms. Trish Riley, co-owner of Harpers says, “We have to get the numbers. If we don’t get the numbers, we don’t know what’s out there.” Please click here to read more.

legionnaires’ disease case confirmed at nursing home in bloomfield hills

Legionnaire’s disease, which mimics a lot of the symptoms of COVID-19 has popped up at SKLD Bloomfield Hills, which is a nursing home and long term care facility in Oakland County. The Oakland County Health Department apparently began investigating on June 8. Cases of Legionnaires disease can result in hospitalization and being put on a ventilator. Health officials are worried that the bacteria could spread to the facility’s water system, and water restrictions are in place at the facility. Please click here to read more.

university of michigan regents approve budget that includes 1.9% tuition increase

While many colleges and universities across Michigan have decided to freeze any tuition increases, it looks like University of Michigan will have a 1.9% tuition increase, and also a temporary $50-per-term COVID-19 fee. U-M will also provide a 5.6% increase in undergraduate financial aid to cover the entire cost of the tuition increase for in-state students. The $50-per-term COVID-19 fee is said by officials to help cover the costs of testing and safety-related services. Students will also be hit with a 1.9% increase in their University Health Service Fee. Please click here to read more.

potential covid-19 exposure reported at fifth avenue royal oak

Three people have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Royal Oak establishment Fifth Avenue; a place that caters to sports and entertainment patrons. Crowded conditions were reported at the establishment. The COVID-19 positive individuals visited Fifth Avenue on the evening of June 19, prior to the start of their symptoms.

michigan reports 236 new covid-19 confirmed cases, 4 additional deaths

Yesterday (6/29) Michigan reported 236 new COVID-19 confirmed cases with 4 additional deaths. The total number of cases for Michigan is 63,497 and 5,915 deaths. After a slight uptick in average new cases per day last week, the death rate has remained relatively flat. The state is testing an average of 14,000 residents per day over the last two weeks.

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