cities unanimously vote to cancel 2020 woodward dream cruise

Cities that usually host the Woodward Dream Cruise on August 15 have unanimously decided to cancel the car show. While official sponsorship of the show has been canceled by local municipalities, it is likely that people will still go ahead with the event in an unofficial basis. The Woodward Dream cruise has typically brought in over a million spectators along the 10 mile stretch of Woodward Avenue. Many other community events have already been canceled in an attempt to reduce crowding and congregation to combat COVID-19.

michigan parents: School coronavirus measures great, but don’t stop sports

Reports show that Michigan parents want stringent safety measures in place at schools, but also don’t want playgrounds roped off or sports to be canceled. A U-M survey indicated 75% of parents want daily temperature screenings, 64% want fewer children on buses, 63% want a mix of in-class and virtual learning, and 59% supported staggered arrival and departure times for students. Only 30% supported closing playground equipment, and 27% supported eliminating extracurricular activities such as sports and music. Governor Whitmer is expected to release her “Return To Learn” plan any day now. Please click here to read more.

Lighting fireworks is legal in michigan from now until fourth of july

Consumer fireworks sales have been skyrocketing because most municipalities have canceled their 4th of July events due to COVID-19. You can now enjoy the fireworks you bought from now through the night of July 4. It is legal to set them off from 11 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. You are not allowed to light off your consumer fireworks near schools, churches, or public property.

grosse pointe leaders urging residents to take precautions after uptick in covid-19 cases

Grosse Pointe has stayed stable at 48 confirmed total cases, but that count has now risen to 70 over the last five days. City Countil member Aimee Fluitt says, “They’re concerned on two fronts. They’re concerned that the cases are going up again because people feel like they’ve been making sacrifices, they’ve been staying home. Then, the other thing that they’re concerned about is everything reopening, you know, is this gonna set us back?”

ford’s new program allows customers to return cars if they lose their jobs within a year

COVID-19 has created unease in the enonomy, so now under the new Ford Promise program, customers who lease or purchase a vehicle with Ford Credit financing and then lose their job within a year can return the vehicle. VP of U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, Mark LeNeve says, “We feel like right now, the economy is at the stage of recovery where people want things to be back to normal, they want to buy, but they’re still a little nervous about what the future holds. We want them to know we understand that, and we’re here to support them in their buying decisions.”

students at michigan universities turn to summer classes

Michigan public universities are seeing an uptick in students registering for summer courses online. Two-thirds of schools are anticipating a boost of at least 4% for one or more of their summer periods. With many universities strapped for cash, this increase for summer classes is both a relief and a sign of hope for fall semesters. Figures also show that over half of college presidents nationwide are forecasting an 11% or more enrollment decline for the fall.

michigan reports 252 new covid-19 confirmed cases, 4 additional deaths

As of yesterday (6/28) afternoon, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Michigan has risen to 63,261 with 5,911 deaths. There was an increase of 252 confirmed cases and 4 additional deaths for yesterday. June 24-27 showed an uptick of  over 300 new confirmed cases for each day. Yesterday that number dropped a bit. Michigan has seen increases in clusters, like the 85 new cases tied to just one East Lansing bar. Cases across the nation have also been spiking in certain states. According to Johns Hopkins University there have been more than 2.5 million cases reported across the nation in total, with more than 125,000 deaths.

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