Data from Covid Act Now is showing that Michigan is now “on track to contain COVID” and has a low “COVID Risk Level. It seems that the hard work that Michigan officials and residents have done to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is starting to pay off. Covid Act Now is a group of technologists, epidemiologists, health experts, and public policy leaders helping to identify each state’s risk level for the spread of COVID-19. Michigan , New York, and New Jersey are the only states currently “on track to contain COVID.”

MICHIGAN legislature approves $880 million in pandemic spending

Michigan Legislature unanimously approved spending $880 million in federal relief aid in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The funding is to be used for frontline workers, municipalities, and child care providers. Governor Whitmer is set to sign it and says, “This bill is an example of what can happen when politics are put aside and all parties come together to do what is best for the people of Michigan, including our frontline workers in local communities across the state.” The bill allocates more than a quarter of the $3 billion sent to the state government by congress and President Trump. $2.1 billion still remains unspent as both parties jostle over how it should be spent.

whitmer: michigan students can return to class if coronavirus stays steady

Governor Whitmer announced yesterday that Michigan’s public and private K-12 schools are set to open in the fall for in-person learning if the status of the coronavirus pandemic remains the same as it is now or improves. It is expected that Whitmer will release an executive order regarding minimum safety standards for schools on June 30. Whitmer said in a news release, “I am optimistic that we will return to in-person learning in the fall. Schools must make sure to enact strict safety measures to continue protecting educators, students, and their families.” Please click here to read more. 

3-d printing helped gm make products for ‘arsenal of health’

General Motors capitalized heavily on using 3-D printers to build up an “arsenal of health.” Most of the tools used to assemble the ventilators that GM is manufacturing with Ventec and Hamilton Medical have been 3-D printed. GM Director of Additive Manufacturing, Ron Daul says, “We were able to very quickly use our capability here to pivot from what we use on automotive tools and apply it to medical devices.” GM created two facilities for 3-D printing technology in Warren. Please click here to read more.

construction for summer 2020 on track despite coronavirus delays

Several construction projects across Metro Detroit were put on hold at the start of the pandemic, but MDOT is saying the projects are still on track. Diane Cross of MDOT says time is allotted into every project for delays. Road commissions in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb county have all echoed the same message. Less traffic on the roads has been on perk of the lockdown when it comes to road construction. Please click here to read more.

ford offers 30,000 u.s. employees option to work from home until new year’s

Nearly 30,000 salaried employees were given the option from Ford to choose whether to work from home full-time, return to the office full-time, or create a blended schedule that allows for both. Ford’s chief human resources officer, Kiersten Robinson says, “The workplace you left is not the workplace you’re returning to.” Please click here to read more.

mackinac island looks to reopen ‘right’ way with season set to truly begin

Most of Mackinac Island hotels are now open, and Fort Mackinac and other historic sites are set to follow suit this weekend. The island officially kicks off the summer season on Friday. Even though the Upper Peninsula and Traverse City region have been allowed to open their businesses nearly a month ago, Mackinac Island remained closed. Executive Director of Mackinac Island Tourism, Tim Hygh says, “It was a practical decisions. When you close your business down for six months, it’s like closing a cabin down for six months. It takes a while to get back open. It takes even longer when you’re introducing new health and safety protocols.” Visitors will notice changes when they return. Please click here to read more.

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