Michigan supreme court kicks gop challenge of whitmer powers to lower court

In a 4 to 3 ruling on Thursday (6/4) the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that it won’t allow the state Legislature to bypass the Court of Appeals in its lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Governor Whitmer’s emergency powers. Justice Richard Bernstein wrote in his opinion, “The significance of this case is undeniable. With many of the restrictions on daily life having now been lifted, our eventual consideration of these issues must receive full appellate consideration before our court can most effectively render a decision on the merits of this case.” The majority ruling was formed by three Democrat-nominated justices and one Republican-nominated justice.

six of seven michigan small businesses don’t expect to regain lost sales

An updated survey by the Small Business Association of Michigan came out yesterday showing that one in seven small business owners still remain concerned they won’t survive the pandemic. Six out of seven small businesses are saying sales declines are of the biggest concern; where 60% of them expect a drop of 25% or more in sales. SBAM president, Brian Calley says, “The impact of that will be felt across Michigan’s economy. It’s one thing for these businesses to lose this level of sales, but there’s also quite a ripple impact that this has, because it’s a whole ecosystem.” SBAM survey questions were posed to 568 owners. Please click here to read more.

oakland county nonprofits to share $10 million in grants

Oakland County officials are announcing the start of a $10 million grant program for nonprofit organizations across the country impacted by COVID-19. County Executive David Coulter, United Way for Southeastern Michigan president Dr. Hudson, and the county Board of Commissioners are joining to discuss the grant programs. United Way will administer the grants with oversight by a committee of commissioners and representatives from Mr. Coulter’s office. Applications became available yesterday afternoon.

efforts to find covid-19 vaccine about to take a major step forward

Sites are being prepared for large phase three studies next month. Declining cases could potentially hamper these efforts, so the success of trails comes down to location. In order to know if a vaccine is actually protecting the people who have been vaccinated, those people need to be exposed to the virus, and you cannot deliberately expose participants to COVID-19 in clinical trials. Dr. Anthony Fauci announced in the Journal of the American Medical Association that sites are being prepared to start large phase three studies of the Moderna vaccine. It is critical to test the vaccine where the virus is spreading. Dr. Fauci says, “If you go in and you have dribs and drabs of infection, even though you have 30,000 people in combination of placebo and experimental, it could take months and months to get an answer. If you happen to get in an area that you highly vaccinated where you’ve had a big outburst of a surge of cases, you could get your answer pretty quickly.”

michigan day camps face tough decision: open with covid-19 restrictions or stay closed for summer

Many camps are sticking with their original decisions to remain closed when COVID-19 first caused statewide shutdowns. The decisions for opening day camps largely depends on the community, and camps would have to scramble to do their best to open. Many camps simply don’t have enough time to get everything together after Governor Whitmer announced on June 1st, that they would be allowed to open. Many camps are still hosting virtual programs throughout the summer.

michigan pet grooming shops reopen after nearly three months

After almost three months of being shut down from COVID-19, some pet grooming businesses are up and running, albeit with changes, and virtually unrecognizable pets. Michelle Gardner, of Clawson Paws Pet Grooming noted that usually she saw clients every four to six weeks, and some of the pets she’s seeing now are unrecognizable. Gardner is doing curbside pickup and drop off, and not taking cash. Many pet grooming shops are booked solid through mid-summer as owners are scrambling to get their beloved animals a hair cut. Human salons and barber shops are however still closed.

michigan bars, restaurants get ok on ‘cocktails to go’ from house panel

A bill is in the works to help struggling Michigan restaurants and bars to allow “cocktails-to-go.” A package of bills was approved in a state House committee to be advanced to the floor. Bars and restaurants and city districts where alcohol can be consumed out doors would potentially be allowed to sell a cocktail drink to go. Please click here to read more about potential bills to help restaurants and bars amid the pandemic.

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