governor whitmer admits flaws in controversial covid-19 nursing home policy

Governor Whitmer has admitted there were flaws in state’s policy to put positive and negative COVID-19 patients together in nursing homes. This policy is still in action. Her administration says some 30% of the 5,500 coronavirus deaths in Michigan have come from nursing homes. During Monday’s press briefing Whitmer said, “We, I think, learned a great deal in the last 10 weeks. I think if we could go back in a time machine and do some things differently, sure, there are things we would improve upon, but every action we took was based on the best science and the best information available to protect people and save lives.” The administration’s original plan was to send nursing home patients to the TCF Center, but it never happened because they weren’t set up for long-term care. Legislators are considering some bills to force Whitmer’s hand on the subject.

governor whitmer describes inadequate federal response in fighting covid-19 pandemic

Governor Whitmer defended her actions and was critical of the federal government in virtual hearing yesterday (6/2) with members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation. She said states were left to fend for themselves when it came to getting critical supplies early on in the pandemic. Republican members of the committee repeatedly pressed Whitmer on her nursing home policy of placing COVID patients in nursing homes without strict testing or immediately reliable data. The governor said there were a number of things she would have changed in retrospect. Please click here to read more about the virtual hearing.

michigan youth soccer association releases new guidelines in response to covid-19 pandemic

The Michigan Youth Soccer Association is ready with guidelines that are specific to each phase of Governor Whitmer’s reopening plan. Titled, “Charting the Path Forward,” the plans current guidelines only allow virtual training and tryouts with Michigan’s current phase. Phase 4 will allow training, but parents and guardians are asked to no carpool and adhere to social distancing with face coverings. Players are asked to avoid things like high-five celebrations and sharing equipment. The Michigan High School Athletic Association also updated its guidelines for reopening school sports. Please click here for more information!

michigan salon owners ‘disrespected’ by governor whitmer telling people to ‘google how to do a haircut’

Salon owners are furious after the governor made disrespecting comments telling Michiganders to “Google how to do a haircut.” The Safe Salons for Michigan Coalition is calling on Whitmer to allow them to operate as they claim Michigan is the only state in which salons and barber shops remain closed. The coalition said, “Data from shows that Michigan salons remain closed, while salons in all other states have either fully or partially reopened, or have a reopening date scheduled.” They are also asking Whitmer to apologize for her comments. Last week Safe Salons for Michigan sent the governor an 8-step plan for reopening salons.

michigan sees less than 200 new cases of covid-19 for second straight day

According to recent numbers released by the state there are now 5,553 deaths and 57,731 coronavirus cases throughout Michigan. As unfortunate as those numbers are, they also mark the second straight day with an increase of less than 200 cases statewide; the lowest increase since mid-March. There are 13,900 active COVID-19 cases, and over 38,000 reported recoveries.

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