$600 unemployment benefit ends in july. economists not optimistic about what happens after

Pandemic unemployment benefits from the federal government are set to expire in Michigan on July 25. After that, claimants receiving unemployment benefits will only receive money from the state, which maxes out at $362 per week. Congress could approve new legislation extending the $600 extra benefit. Democrats are largely fighting to extend, however Republicans are concerned that claimants are not going back to work since many are making more collecting unemployment with pandemic pay. With high unemployment rates in Michigan, rising COVID-19 cases, and many businesses having to close economists are unsure as to what will happen next.

petition drive to repeal governor’s emergency powers starts this week

Signature collection plans have been set and members for Unlock Michigan will begin petitioning for the repeal of the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945 this week. Governor Whitmer has called the petition drive irresponsible and dangerous as coronavirus cases are on the rise in the state. Spokesman for Unlock Michigan, Fred Wszolek said, “Without legislative input, the governor’s actions amount to one person making stuff up as they go.” A recent poll by the Free Press found that 33% of Michigan voters found Whitmer’s executive orders to be too restrictive, while 59% found that they were about right.

key tax changes caused by covid-19 you should know

The extended tax deadline is only eight days away. For tax preparers, it’s allowed them to get what they need from taxpayers during this time. If you took out retirement loans or a 401K withdrawal for “adverse financial consequences” due to COVID-19, you won’t be penalized. The stimulus check you received isn’t taxable income, however if you’ve been drawing unemployment it will be taxable for 2020. July 15 is the deadline to file and pay taxes if you owe money.

did protests lead to spike in coronavirus cases?

The nation has recorded a major surge in positive COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks, and almost every state saw some sort of protests throughout June. While some Republican lawmakers have cited protests for the spike in cases, researchers say it’s unlikely. A paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research says no, the 300-city protests have not led to a spike in cases. Experts say if they had driven the giant rise in cases the jumps would’ve been apparent within two weeks. Please click here to read more.

survey: majority of canadians not ready to welcome non-essential americans across the border

The border between the U.S. and Canada was initially closed on March 21, and has been repeatedly extended until July 21 as of now. A recent survey reported that a large majority of Canadians are not ready to welcome non-essential Americans back into their country. The survey indicated that such a response is due to the U.S. response to COVID-19. While Canada has had only about 107,000 cases, the U.S. leads in positive cases today with a number close to 2.9 million.

michigan hospital: our coronavirus test gives results in minutes, not days

Beaumont Health researches have reported the development of a new test to detect COVID-19 with a simple saliva swab within 30-45 minutes. Researcher Laura Lamb says, “it’s accuracy compares well with COVID-19 tests that now take days to process. If we really want to manage this, we really do need to have more testing options.” The test does not require expensive machinery and materials are relatively inexpensive, and employs technology previously used to detect the zika virus. It will have to be approved by the FDA and a corporate backer before it could be made widely available. Please click here to read more.

coronavirus in michigan

Yesterday’s (7/6) positive COVID-19 cases hit 295 and three additional deaths. Total cases in Michigan is now 66,171, including 5,975 deaths, with 52,841 COVID-19 recoveries and a total of 7,100 active COVID-19 cases across the state.

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