Governor Whitmer looking to roll out reopening plans soon; stay-at-home extension likely

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced during a press briefing yesterday that her administration will likely seek out a short extension to the stay-at-home order. Plans for reopening the state are however soon to come. It appears these plans will be layered and regional, as the governor’s main fear is the state getting hit by a 2nd coronavirus wave.

Michigan Department of State temporarily laying off 60% of staff

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced during a press briefing yesterday that they will be temporarily laying off state government officials across Michigan. It appears a large chunk of those layoffs will land at the Michigan Department of State. 900 employees are expected to be laid off from MDOS for a period of two or more weeks.

henry ford health announces close to 2,800 layoffs

About 2,000 employees across six Henry Ford Health System hospitals are being temporarily laid off due to COVID-19. These employees are not directly involved with patient care. Laid off employees will retain their health insurance. Henry Ford System executives are donating up to 25% of their salaries to funds designed to help these employees.

tracking covid-19 cases in nursing homes around metro detroit

Detroit Mayor Duggan announced that all seniors in Detroit nursing homes will be tested for coronavirus by the end of today. Tracking the spread of the virus in nursing homes has taken a top priority. According to Mayor Duggan, Detroit has tested 75% of all nursing home residents and they’ve seen about 25% of those tests come back positive. Oakland County has over 200 nursing home facilities, and over half of them have reported the virus.

covid-19 forces breast cancer patients to put surgeries on hold

Many surgeries have been put on hold due to complications and impacts from the coronavirus on the health care industry. Many wouldn’t consider cancer operations to be elective, however only the most serious cases have been operated on. According to Beaumont hospital surgeon, Dr. Aburabia, “elective means something that can wait a couple weeks or months without putting the patient at risk.”

Troy company converts to make gowns for frontline workers

Troy Michigan company, Cadillac Products, is retooling to make PPE gowns for health care and frontline workers. Cadillac Products is a fourth generation business that traditionally makes car products. Now they are making protective plastic gowns for medical teams to combat the spread of COVID-19

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