local restaurant joins community to provide food to hospital workers and families in need

The delicious Brazilian Steakhouse, Fogo de Chao, donated meals to a Troy School District community initiative and hospital workers in the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. Hot and cold meals went out to Beaumont Hospital in Troy, staff at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and the Troy School District’s “Bridge the Gap” program. Please read the full article to see what other food items are needed for these food drive programs.

Hospitals in need of safety gear. Local manufacturers gear up to shorten the gap

There is not enough in the national stockpile or being manufactured domestically to meet the need. “That is the problem,” according to Oakland County Medical Director Dr. Russell Faust, “Virtually all of our critical medical supplies are being made in China. When China shutdown, our supply disappeared.” This need has sparked multiple companies in southeast Michigan to go out of their zone and begin manufacturing the PPE necessary to combat COVID-19

check the coronavirus cases in oakland county by zip code

These are the numbers reported by the Oakland County Health department as of April 8th. Recently the health department began tracking numbers by zip code. Oakland county has posted a total of 211 deaths and over 3,700 total cases. Read this article, and look up your zip code to see how your immediate area has been affected.

Rochester Hills Mayor Leads Call from Cities for Increased Aid
Rochester Hills Mayor on Coronavirus Impact in Michigan Communities

Mayor Bryan Barnett of Rochester Hills, who also heads the United States Conference of Mayors, describes the Coronavirus pandemic as “essentially a tsunami.”  With almost all of his community’s resources at risk “overnight,” Barnett has been hard at work with leaders in Congress to secure federal aid for his city and thousands of others that were left out of the recent $2 trillion stimulus package.  Read the full report here from The Detroit News.

Advice for Women Who Are Pregnant During the Pandemic
Pregnant Women and Coronavirus in Michigan

Dr. Gregory Goyert, Division Head of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital, explains special precautions that he is recommending pregnant women take during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The Detroit Free Press summarized his thoughts in this articleOr, you can watch the full live stream of the interview here.

State of Michigan Extending Unemployment Agency Hours, Adding Staff
Michigan Residents Applying for Unemployment in Record Numbers

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) announced that it is expanding its hours and adding staff in order to better serve the hundreds of thousands of Michiganders who are struggling to file initial unemployment claims during the Coronavrius pandemic.  The system has been overwhelmed from the moment Governor Whitmer announced the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order and the state has been continuously improving the system to deal with the increased traffic.  Read this article from The Oakland Press for more details about the program and tips for successfully filing.

Michigan looks for help in local may elections

Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, is looking to fill election worker seats with younger people. The reason, because many of the past workers have been senior citizens and they are too vulnerable to COVID-19. The local May 5th elections are still going ahead, and they will follow state guidelines for practicing social distancing. Voting by mail will be encouraged, however the state still needs workers to count the ballots.

michigan has 3rd highest number of cases in u.s.

As of Tuesday April 7th, Michigan has been recorded as suffering the 3rd highest number of cases in the United States. The state has reported a total case count at 18,970, and that puts us behind only New Jersey and New York. Tuesday added another 1,749 cases as well as 118 deaths. Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties are carrying the vast majority of cases in the state.

Beaumont Troy Icu staff gets a 45-foot thank you sign

On the west side of Troy Beaumont, facing the intensive care unit, you will now see a giant homemade 45-foot thank you sign posted up. Made by local citizen, Lou DeLuca, to cheer and thank the doctors and nurses working ’round the clock to provide healthcare for those suffering from COVID-19. The DeLuca’s have a family member who is currently admitted, and they wanted to show some positive support. The DeLuca family didn’t ask Beaumont permission to do this, but Beaumont didn’t necessarily say no either.

Mayor Duggan Says Data Show Detroit Curve May Be Flattening
Mayor Duggan see Light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel

In a press conference, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan presented data that shows the rate of new coronavirus infections in Detroit appears to be slowing.  The signs are encouraging for the city and surrounding communities.  The Detroit metro area remains one of the most hard-hit coronavirus hot spots in the country.  You can watch the Mayor’s press conference here and read about the new data in the article from Bridge Magazine.

Local Doggy Daycares Are offering Free Services to First Responders
Free Doggy Daycare Offered to First Responders

Whether it’s a hotel offering a free bed, a coffee shop giving a free cup, or a restaurant offering up a free meal, businesses across Detroit are stepping up to support first responders and health care professionals.  Now, a number of area doggy daycares are offering free boarding to the four-legged friends of first responders who are working endless hours caring for others.  Read the full reporting at the Detroit Free Press.

DDOT Buses Will Still Run, Riders Will be Given Protective Masks
Masks for Riders on Buses during Coronavirus

The Detroit Department of Transportation reaffirms that critical bus routes will remain uninterrupted during the coronavirus pandemic.  The Department will distribute at least 20,000 masks on buses that will be available for riders as they board the bus.  Read full coverage from Channel 4 at

As People Get Creative Amid Shortages, The Michigan Poison Center Issues Warnings
Avoid these chemicals in homemade cleaning

As cleaning supplies become nearly impossible to find in stores or online during the coronavirus pandemic, many Michiganders are getting creative with Spring Cleaning solutions.  The Michigan Poson Center is issuing an urgent warning to avoid using certain lethal products that may be in the basement or the garage.  The experts recommend a simple mixture of 5 tablespoons bleach diluted in a gallon of water for most household cleaning tasks.  The list from the Poison Center can be found on

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