Winning Words – A Tribute to Jack Freed

Pastor Jack Freed has been a staple in the Greater West Bloomfield community for nearly five decades, providing the community a positive figure to rally behind in times of joy, times of turbulence, and times of need. Jack studied for eight years to become a minister, majoring in Philosophy at Augustana College and spending four years in seminary, and was a pastor at churches in Wisconsin and Illinois before establishing a new congregation in West Bloomfield. Jack arrived with his family in West Bloomfield in 1969 and began his journey, with the help of local community leaders, to build the first congregation at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. Since then, Jack’s involvement in the community has spread far beyond his own congregation. He was an original member of the Greater West Bloomfield Michigan Week Planning Committee, a co-founder of the West Bloomfield Optimist Club, Chaplin for both West Bloomfield’s Police and Fire Department, and is a figure of great wisdom and leadership within the Greater West Bloomfield community. Jack also provides messages of inspiration to people all over the world through his daily “Winning Words,” a source of joy, motivation, and thought for anyone who receives his emails or reads his blog posts or his book. Pastor Jack Freed has been a champion of unity and a positive figure in the Greater West Bloomfield community, providing a good laugh, a strong piece of advice, or consolation in times of trouble.