A Closer Look Episode 3: Committed and AVID

On the third episode of A Closer Look, hosts Dr. Gerald Hill, Superintendent of West Bloomfield School District and Assistant Superintendent Alesia Flye talk with specialists, teachers, and principals about the Advancement via Individual Determination, or AVID program. First, Kim Muncie, English Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum Specialist, discusses the training components with the AVID program and how the system has been implemented in the schools. Dr. Hill and Alesia talk with AVID teachers, Joe Chagnon and Andrea Williams on the components to the AVID program. Then Principal’s Sonja James at Sheiko Elementary, Morrison Borders from Orchard Lake Middle School, Amy Hughes from Abbott Middle School, and Assistant Principal’s Scott Long at Orchard Lake Middle School and Eric Pace from West Bloomfield High School all discuss the impact, as well as challenges, they’ve seen with the AVID program within the schools.