Celebrating Diversity, a Happy Anniversary and More! | “The Splash LIVE” – February 12, 2024

Recognizing local black-owned businesses, exploring history, plus information on the upcoming election and more, all on today’s episode of “The Splash Live!”

Today on the show, Splash host Tyler Kieft pays a visit to the Orchard Mall, where the West Bloomfield Diversity Taskforce held its annual Black Expo, highlighting local, black-owned businesses and engaging the community in a fun afternoon of shopping, entertainment and fellowship!

Civic Center TV Reporter Jake Schaf joins the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society at the Orchard Lake Museum to explore some of the incredible local historical artifacts that are on display!

Dave Scott and Brooke Allen from our team check in to talk about their upcoming guest host run on “The Splash Live,” as well as our brand-new contact form and a teaser of a new program that will allow you to join our team for this show!

Additionally, West Bloomfield Township Clerk Debbie Binder helps keep us in the know about the upcoming presidential primary election, including important deadlines, when and where to submit your early or absentee votes, as well as special rules and regulations for ballot drop-off and more!

Also, Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Suzanne Levine talks about the potential impact of a renovated Recreation Activities Center on the local business community, how the Chamber assists businesses in achieving their goals and working together, and provides a preview of this year’s Health and Wellness Fair!

Plus, West Bloomfield Township Public Library Assistant Director Jeff Crocker Celebrates 20 years of service to our local library system! We talk to him about what has kept him motivated to serve the community, as well as what the community’s support means to him and the entire Library team!

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