Christmas Songs you’ve never heard, Kids Kick Cancer, & More! | Full Megacast, December 13, 2021

With the gunshots of the recent events in Oxford still ringing, many are starting to point fingers at reasons things have gone the way they have. With eyes on the 2nd Amendment, Dr. Chris Smith joins us to discuss the fine details of said amendment.

Pain isn’t a constant, the human mind can be trained to separate pain from the act of pain, allowing the body to withstand most experiences. Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg wants to teach kids how to overcome pain and learn how to use martial arts to keep their cool. We’re also joined by Martial Arts Therapist Richard Plowden , as they both discuss the importance of learning to circumvent pain, and other emotions!

Rock and Roll Musician Paula Messener joins us once again on the Megacast to sing some holiday songs, with a twist!

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