COVID Vaccine Distribution, Movie Releases, Return to Learn & More! | Megacast, January 12, 2021

Oakland County Health Division Medical Director and other news-makers discuss the latest COVID-19 information and election-related news on this full edition of the Oakland County Megacast!

West Bloomfield Township Fire Chief, Greg Flynn talks about the continued local and regional response to the pandemic from emergency services departments, and how plans and operations may be modified in 2021 as the pandemic slowly moves toward a conclusion.

Film Critic Nate Adams from talks about some of the best movies and shows that have been released so far in 2021 and some of the best yet to come!

Deanna Barash, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction for the West Bloomfield School District, discusses the School District’s return to learn plan following Governor Whitmer’s announcement of her goal to return schools to in-person learning by March 1, 2021.

Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society President, Gina Gregory, joins the show to talk about the Historical Society’s receiving a grant through Oakland County, and how these critical funds will help support the organization as the pandemic continues and provide momentum for future success and service.

Oakland County Health Division Medical Director, Dr. Russell Faust, talks about the County’s ongoing battle against COVID-19, including how case rates have varied in the most recent surge, as well as the impact of testing efforts and the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations.

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