Expanding Recreation and Celebrating School Counselors | “The Splash LIVE” – February 8, 2024

Learn about the next steps in the process to expand the Recreation Activities Center, get your questions answered about the West Bloomfield School District operating millage renewal and more!

On today’s episode of “The Splash Live,” West Bloomfield High School Assistant Principal Susie Aisner tells us about the vital role played by our school counselors in advancing learning and maintaining a safe and happy environment in our local schools, all as we recognize National
School Counseling Week.

Additionally, West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission Chairperson Robert Brooks explains why the Commission is now pursuing public funding to expand the Recreation Activities Center, as well as how the proposed renovations perfectly fit the Commission’s vision for how their organization influences the Greater West Bloomfield community and inspires people to want to live in our area!

Plus, West Bloomfield School District Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator Rebecca Fannon joins the show to help the community learn the basics about the School District’s ballot initiative to renew the operating millage on the February presidential election ballot.

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