Government Affecting Business, Election Season Psychology and More! | Full Megacast, October 7, 2020

Ford House President & CEO, Mark Heppner, joins the program to discuss how the Ford House is helping local families and students during this special school year, as well as the House’s new visitor center, expected to be open to the public 2021.

Dr. Melanie Schwartz from Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness checks in to talk about the latest trends that she is seeing in local patients’ mental health, and what she and her colleagues want the public to be mindful of as they continue to navigate these unprecedented times and balance their daily life with their mental health.

Brian Calley, former Lieutenant Governor of the State of Michigan and President of the Small Business Association of Michigan, discusses issues related to the Governor’s executive orders being struck down by the State Supreme Court, how this will affect small businesses, and what the Michigan business community needs from its State leadership in order to weather this new wrinkle in the COVID-19 battle.

Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission Executive Officer, Daniel Stencil, joins the show to talk about improvements that are being made to our local Oakland parks, and how the pandemic has affected the role of parks in our local communities!

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