Innovative Art, Educating the Incarcerated and More! | Full Megacast, June 2, 2021

Detroit City Distillery Brand Ambassador, Garrett Passiak and other news-makers discuss the latest COVID-19 information and election-related news on this full edition of the Oakland County Megacast!

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Co-Producer, Corey Ross joins the program to discuss the exhibit and how COVID-19 may be affecting how they invite patrons to take in the sights.

Joanie Toole, Chief of the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center, talks about the importance of getting your dog license, pet adoption as the pandemic slowly comes to a close, and much more.

Calvin Prison Initiative Director, Todd Cioffi joins the show to talk about the history and objectives of the program.

Detroit City Distillery Brand Ambassador, Garrett Passiak talks about DCD’s special Summer Rum, the new Michigan Drinks-to-Go Law and more!

West Bloomfield Fire Chief, Greg Flynn checks in from a local vaccine clinic to provide an update on West Bloomfield’s assistance to the county on COVID vaccinations and much more!

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