Inside/Out in West Bloomfield, Toxic Conflict Avoidance, & More! | Full Megacast May 12, 2022

Technology feels like its moving a mile a minute these days. And with so many leaps forward, it can be hard to stand out among so much unique and high quality content. Togotiki Software may just be the place to ask for help if you need to reinvent your website or advertising. Pete Stenger stops by to gives us some insight into his business.

Conflict isn’t evil: Conflict can cause change. Sometimes growth and progression are hidden behind conflict, and its difficult to separate yourself from getting emotionally involved and focus on being constructive. Gabe Karp talks about how you can identify pointless conflict and navigate your way through situations of conflict with ease.

Three local communities have been selected to be part of an initiative launched by the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA is bringing high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from its collection to outdoor venues throughout metro Detroit via its Inside|Out program, and Farmington, Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield Township are among the 26 communities in the tri-county area where art will be displayed. To talk about these pieces and more about the Inside/Out program, we’re joined by Cathy Russ, Debbie Binder, & Terri Weingarden.

There are so many animals in the world, that shelters sometimes have to look to unsavory options to handle overpopulation. If you believe in every animal getting a chance, you should look into Happy Paws Haven Co.! V.P. Sydney Terenzi talks about how you can adopt those pets who were given a second chance at changing your lives.

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