“COVID Friendly” Resolutions, Painting Fun, PPP Loans, & More! | Full Megacast, January 13th, 2021

Dr. Jamie Taweel from Grand River Medical Associates and other news-makers discuss the latest COVID-19 information and election-related news on this full edition of the Oakland County Megacast!

Carrie Krawiec, LMFT from the Birmingham Maple Clinic discusses New Year’s resolutions and how people can not only make, but keep these resolutions in 2021.

Dr. Jamie Taweel, D.O., Internal Medicine Specialist at Grand River Medical Associates, talks about how he and other primary care doctors are discussing COVID-19 vaccinations with patients, what individuals should be aware of as they prepare to be vaccinated, and more!

***Retraction: It was mentioned in the interview that stimulus checks will be immediately taxed. That information was misspoken. Please consult with a tax expert for clarification regarding taxation of federal stimulus checks.*** C.P.A. Adam Schultz, Director of Cohen & Co., joins the show to discuss “PPP Second Draw,” explaining some of the key details of how businesses can apply for their first or additional Paycheck Protection Plan funds.

Jackie Cook from Ferndale Painting with a Twist discusses what this special method is, her virtual classes in Painting with a Twist, and provides us with a demonstration of the art!

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