Spaying/Neutering, Prep for Motor City Comic Con, & More!| Full Megacast May 5, 2022

Over the past few years livestream e-commerce has skyrocketed overseas and has just started to take off here in the US. Back to the Past Collectibles is excited to jump into this emerging new market over at PopShop Live where they are selling their dusty treasures to a livestream audience on a weekly basis. Owner C. Scott Lovejoy stops by to talk about the many events and programs that you can acquire comics collectibles and more from Back to the Past Collectibles!

Michigan Animal Adoption Network’s Public Relations Manager and Network Manager Lindsay Warren knows that owning a pet is a rewarding and difficult experience. For some, they’d wish someone would come in and help provide a happy life for their pets, as its hard to juggle your survival as well as a pets. Luckily, Mighican Animal Adoption Network works with The Animal Care Network to help out in Low income areas, and keep family pets chipper!

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