The Heat and Warmth Fund, “Man in the City”, and More! | Full Megacast, January 14, 2021

Danielle Whitaker and the story of who was awarded the Ultimate Makeover were truly moving and inspirational. Not only aiming to help the truly struggling, but also provide an anti-aging method that satisfies any client.

Art has an impact on all who observe it; whether it is interpreted or not. John Sauve is a man who thinks very carefully about his art, and where to place said art. We talk to him about his most recent work, and why you may be seeing a lot of people on roofs…

Comedy is what keeps us alive during these trying times. Unfortunately, with the passing of comedy icon Bob Saget, many were left devastated. However, one man continues to shine that beacon of laughter onto Michigan, and with fond memories to share as well.

The Heat and Warmth Fund’s goal is to keep families indoors in harsh weather, warm, and healthy. We’re joined by Krista Capp to talk about what this Share Detroit Charity does to keep the streets family free!

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