The Inside Scoop on Major West Bloomfield Parks Upgrades | “The Splash LIVE” – February 6, 2024

West Bloomfield Parks begins the early stages of a potential paradigm-shifting renovation to its facilities, and our team at Civic Center TV has the insiders’ details!

On today’s episode of “The Splash Live,” West Bloomfield Parks Executive Director Kelly Hyer tells us about initial plans to renovate the Recreational Activities Center into a 33,000 square foot hub for events, recreation and learning in Greater West Bloomfield!

Additionally, we are provided insight on potential renovations to the West Bloomfield Parks main building from Parks and Recreation Commission Chairperson Robert Brooks, as well as DLZ Architectural Associate Mikehl Hafner!

Plus, Oakland County Parks Director Chris Ward previews upcoming job fairs for those seeking season and other opportunities across Oakland County’s fun-loving, nature-engaged team all year long!

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