The Lions, the Lakers and 50 Years of the GWBHS! | “The Splash LIVE” – January 29, 2024

Get a football coach’s perspective on the Lions NFC Title loss, find the best deals for good meals in Keego Harbor and celebrate history on today’s edition of “The Splash Live!”

Today on the program, West Bloomfield Lakers Varsity Football Head Coach Zach Hilbers talks about the Detroit Lions’ heartbreaking defeat with a Super Bowl appearance on the line, how their season’s end compares to West Bloomfield’s, as well as how the beginning of his head coaching career mirrors Sherrone Moore, who was just promoted himself to Head Coach at the University of Michigan!

Additionally, Kirsten Sonneville-Douglass from Keego Harbor Parks & Recreation previews the 3rd annual “Taste of Keego 2.0,” featuring special deals all week long from the tastiest locally eateries in town!

Also, Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society Volunteer Fundraiser, Christian Sonneville talks about his work helping the GWBHS in its mission to preserve our local history, including his efforts to secure grant funding for ongoing and future historical projects!

Plus, Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society President Gina Gregory speaks with Dave Scott about the non-profit’s landmark 50th anniversary, the special commemorative event at Orchard Lake Schools, and a special appearance from another key member of their team!

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