“The Splash LIVE” – November 3, 2023

Dayan Chaaban & Tyler Kieft talk about the latest events and news in the Greater West Bloomfield and Oakland County area with our Civic Center TV team, as well as with local news-makers! 

On today’s show, the West Bloomfield POlice Department updates the community that scammers are now “spoofing” the Department’s phone number and caller ID to scam local residents and provides tips on avoiding falling victim to these crooks!

Additionally, Bright Behavior Therapy Co-Founder and Behavior Analyst Sonia Salman discusses raising awareness in our schools for kids on the autism spectrum, including how to produce the best learning environment for these students and foster an inclusive community, as well as therapeutic treatment efforts that may also help students on the spectrum improve their behavior and learning.

Plus, we tell you how to tune in to West Bloomfield Lakers varsity football playoff coverage tonight as they battle Utica Eisenhower, as well as when you can enjoy a good show over the weekend from the West Bloomfield High School Theatre Department!

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