“The Splash LIVE” – November 30, 2023

Dayan Chaaban & Tyler Kieft talk about the latest events and news in the Greater West Bloomfield and Oakland County area with our Civic Center TV team, as well as with local news-makers!

On today’s show, we learn safety tips for fireplaces this cold weather season from the West Bloomfield Fire Department, explore options to commemorate friends and family and beautify our local parks with West Bloomfield Parks, and get inspired to give with student leaders at West Bloomfield High School.
Additionally, Kirsten Sonneville-Douglass from Keego Harbor Parks and Recreation previews their annual Winter Wonderland Park celebration, and talks about getting involved in the community by volunteering with Parks and Rec!
Plus, safety tips for students across Oakland County, as well as a preview of an upcoming resources fair for our local veterans.


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