This Week in Laker Football | 2023 Season | Episode 3: “Ebbs and Flows of the Game”

“This Week in Laker Football” takes an exclusive look into the West Bloomfield Lakers varsity football team every week before the big game!

This week in Laker football, Head Coach Zach Hilbers talks to Civic Center TV’s Tyler Kieft about the team’s 3-0 start to the regular season and their close battle in a 40-33 home victory against Rochester Hills Stoney Creek.

Additionally, West Bloomfield Defensive Line Coach and alum Eddy Wilson talks about using his experience in this program, as well as at the college and professional level, to help elevate today’s young players, as well as what it takes to be an excellent football player and the leadership quality of his senior-led line.

Plus, Coach Hilbers previews this road matchup with the surging Lake Orion Dragons as both undefeated teams get ready to deliver the other their first loss of the 2023-2024 season.

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