Tik Tok Crimes, Flood Relief and More! | Full Megacast, October 19, 2021

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido joins the show to talk about concerning new trends among school-age kids that involve committing property damage and assaulting teachers as part of a viral Tik Tok challenge, as well as appeals processes enacted in Macomb County for victims of crimes to appeal decisions made regarding charges against those who victimized them.

Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett talks about declaring a state of emergency in the Township due to recent storms and flooding, as well as his work to receive relief for Orion Township residents from the county, state and federal governments to help with the financial toll of the crisis.

West Bloomfield High School Drama Director Kristine Stephens and student-actors from their production of “Radium Girls” join the program to discuss their upcoming show, the lessons that they learned from the story, and how they have been impacted by a return to in-person theatrical performance!

The Pink List Founder Bree Bettis talks about her 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to provide services to breast cancer patients, as well as upcoming fundraising efforts to provide their special “pink kits.”

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