World Hepatitis Day, Revolutionary Wigs, Kids Idea Tank & More! | Full Megacast, July 27, 2021

Acting Special Agent in Charge for the ATF Detroit Field Division, Keith Krolczyk joins the show to talk about the purpose and mission of the ATF, as well as ongoing issues that the bureau is combating in the local area.

Dr. Stuart Gordon, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University and Director of the Division of Hepatology and GI Research at Henry Ford Health System discusses World Hepatitis Day, why July 28th was selected for this awareness day, as well as all things preventing and treating Hepatitis.

Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce President, Joe Bauman talks about the ongoing labor shortage and its impact on local businesses, including how businesses are attempting to incentivize potential employees to apply for jobs and stay on their teams.

Haith and Henry Johnson, Owners of LeHost Hair and Wigs in Ferndale, talk about their “revolutionary” wig care product line that can be found in big-box-stores across the United States!
Roeper School Middle Schooler and 2nd Place Finisher at the Kids Idea Tank, Carter Koenigsknect discusses his special project called “small city business boxes” that was recognized at a special business pitch conference inspired by the reality show, “Shark Tank.”

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