Clue on Stage, Pumpkin Pandemonium, and More! | Full Megacast, October 15, 2021

Rochelle Riley, author of “That They Lived: African Americans Who Changed The World” wants to ensure African American children know the story and growth of their heroes. So many prolific people of color have their stories shoved aside or forgotten by school systems. Their stories could inspire and change the kids who learn about them, and Rochelle bridges that gap with her work.

In September, we had Eric Goldstein on the megacast to discuss his medical condition. As a man suffering from Glioblastoma, he found a way to use his story to touch others with his YouTube event, “Here we go.” Dr. Tobias Walbert was the doctor that was so accomadating to Eric and gave him the confidence to move forward.

With Halloween approaching, Anna Sterner joins us again to show what fun activities the Michigan Science Center has prepared for those interested in chemical reactions!

A murder has occurred on the stage! Was it the maid? The man in purple? Or the man in green? We may never know, but one thing we do know is Travis Walter and his cast have been working hard to bring mystery back to our theatres with their show, “Clue on Stage”.

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