COVID’s Impact on Music, Exploring Local History and More! | Full Megacast, September 16, 2020

Oakland University Music Professor, Mark Stone, Jaemi B. Loeb and Elliot Wilhelm from the Detroit Jewish Film Festival and other news-makers discuss the latest COVID-19 information on this full edition of the Oakland County Megacast!

Oakland University Professor of Music, Mark Stone, discusses the role of music in people’s lives across history and how moments such as the COVID-19 pandemic impact society’s interactions with music. Additionally, Stone discusses his operations in the Music Department at Oakland during the ongoing pandemic.

Jaemi B. Loeb, Senior Director of Cultural Arts at the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit and Elliot Wilhelm, Director & Curator at the Detroit Film Theater discuss the upcoming Lenore Marwill Detroit Jewish Film Festival, including how this local tradition will live on safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and why holding the festival is more important in this challenging year than ever before.

Birmingham Museum Director, Leslie Pielack, talks about the historic location and its continued services during the pandemic, as well as how they have helped locals and visitors engage with history from a safe distance.

Joe Bailey and Brandy Joe Plambeck from the Ringwald Theatre discuss how their organization has continued operations during the pandemic, the challenges that the theatre has faced, and how the pandemic will impact the future of The Ringwald.

Le’Ah and Michael Jackson from Chefs for Seniors talk about their continued services to the community as the pandemic has brought on constant change and need for modifying their work in order to safely deliver meals to seniors who need them in our local area.

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