“Maya and Her Lover”, Stand with Trans, and More! | Full Megacast, January, 2022

Vitrine Gallery & Gifts of Plymouth are incredibly excited to start hosting non-profits on their “Purpose Patio” this year! To tell us more about what will occur on said patio and about the other goods they offer, we talk with store manager Rachel Britts!

Regular on The Megacast Roz Keith, Executive Director of Stand with Trans, talks about the evolution of language, the programs they offer to connect unique teens with others they can connect with, and more!

Nicole Sylvester started at Specs Howard School for Media Arts, and from there has become an accomplished director of film! Her work is available on Amazon for viewing, and we discuss what it takes to get work on Amazon, as well as how she saw her hard work payed off.

David Fishman joins the Megacast to talk about Cadillac Travel Group, as well as the many difficulties that arise in regards to travelling during a worldwide pandemic.

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